Glide Outplacement's individual outplacement services
Individual outplacement
Glide Outplacement's outplacement services support people following redundancy, enabling them to move on to the next stage of their career with dignity and respect.
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Glide Outplacement's group outplacement services
Group outplacement
Where a number of people are affected by redundancy at the same time, Glide Outplacement can provide group outplacement services and career transition programs.
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Glide Outplacement's career coaching services
Career coaching
If you're looking to change jobs or embark on a new career, our career coaches will help you to move forward in your career and achieve your full employment potential.
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Glide Outplacement's resume writing services
Resume writing services
We offer an affordable resume writing service to help you create a professional resume, cover letter and online profile. We also help job seekers address selection criteria.
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Glide Outplacement's ADF transition services
ADF transition services
We provide a range of services to the Australian Defence Community to support ADF members in making an effective transition from a military career to a civilian role.
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Outplacement services and career coaching tailored to your needs

Outplacement services and career coachingCareer transition is a common feature of today's workplace. If you are looking for flexible outplacement services and career management programs specifically tailored to your company's or individual needs - not to set processes - talk to Glide Outplacement. We are an independent consultancy working with people and organisations across Australia, with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide.

Our team of specialist consultants offer practical yet personalised solutions to help you adapt to market conditions and manage career transition.

We get results: more than 85% of participants on our programs have found a new job within three months.

Contact our Head Office or call 07 3162 2976 to discuss how we can assist you or to request further information about our services.

Outplacement services and career transition support

We can support your company throughout the downsizing process, from planning a redundancy strategy through to managing employees' reactions and connecting them to an expert outplacement consultant to support their job search. We work with clients from government, private and community sectors, minimising the risks associated with organisational change and limiting damage to corporate brand and reputation.

Our best practice individualgroup and executive outplacement programs can be delivered face-to-face or via telephone, email and online. We will help your employees navigate the challenges of redundancy and learn how to market themselves to potential employers. Our consultants provide professional advice and up-to-date information on the current job market and recruitment trends, while identifying employment and networking opportunities. 

We also provide workforce retirement programs and support Australian Defence Force members' career transition management from a military to civilian job, ensuring a positive departure from the ADF.

Career coaching and job search advice

If you're looking to advance in your current job, change direction or embark on a new venture, we can help you achieve your full employment potential.

Our career coaches work with people at every stage of their professional life, from graduates to retirees. We have a wealth of experience across a variety of industries, with extensive knowledge of a range of occupations and industry sectors. We can also provide you with independent advice about training and further education options.

Whether you are looking for guidance online, over the phone or in person, find out more about our career counselling, retirement planning services and small business coaching options.

Our professional resume writers produce job interview-winning resumes, cover letters, selection criteria and social media profiles, starting from $75. Visit our online resume shop to view our full range.

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