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Are you hiding your military skills?

Former Defence members are great assets to any organisation. Thanks to their military background, they bring plenty of experience, knowledge, skills and qualifications.

So why don't civilian employers know what they are missing out on? Maybe it is because your resume, cover letter and social media profiles aren't telling people what you can do.

Fire up job search

There's really no right or wrong time to start job searching. However, if you've been made redundant the option to choose the ideal time to begin has been taken away from you. There is a bright side to this: your new circumstances will mean you have enough time on your hands (and hopefully assistance from an outplacement consultant) to commit to a well-managed, thorough and successful job search.

Executive outplacement

When it comes to redundancies, those implementing the redundancy process – the executive team members - can also be affected by job loss. As a senior level manager, you can explain the benefits of using outplacement to one of your employees but you may wonder how outplacement services can assist you.

Worth using LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to find a new job, says your outplacement consultant or career coach, but do you question what the point of it is? Does anyone find a job through it? Or is it just a big waste of time? Well, if you don't use LinkedIn properly it certainly is a waste of your time and efforts – and opportunities. Here's why it's worth using, but you have to use it well. Otherwise you could be missing out.

Filing applications

Record keeping may not be an exciting task, but it is an important part of the job search process. Looking for a job can take longer than you expect and you may apply for more jobs than you planned. It's vital to keep detailed records of your efforts, so you avoid duplicating applications and forgetting what you've applied for. Create a system that works for you, and that is easy to access and update, because it's important to maintain it.