Outplacement services to support employees

Outplacement services AustraliaOutplacement services provide career transition support following individual or large-scale redundancies. Our practical and caring support will engage your employees in effective job search activities while treating them with dignity and respect.

Successful re-employment

Our flexible and affordable programs will give you the confidence and reassurance you are doing all you can for those leaving your organisation. Eight out of 10 of our program participants secure a new role within three months.

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Supporting people across Australia

We have experienced outplacement consultants across Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra. They have extensive knowledge of recruitment trends and the latest job search techniques.

We guide people at all levels in their career, from junior staff to executives. Coaching can be delivered face-to-face or by telephone, email or online.

What are outplacement services?

Outplacement services (also known as career transition programs) enable former employees to move into appropriate new employment as soon as possible. Employers usually arrange and pay for support as part of an individual’s severance package.

Outplacement consultant supporting employee

Individual outplacement

One-to-one support to help people find their next job following redundancy.

Support for individuals

Outplacement consultant leading group workshop

Group outplacement

Programs and workshops for groups of people affected by redundancy.

Support for groups

Outplacement services for executives and directors

Executive outplacement

Career transition assistance for senior employees to achieve their goals.

Support for executives

What type of support is provided?

We deliver outplacement services via a range of career transition programs to individuals or groups. Topics can include:

  • Emotional support to cope with redundancy
  • Job search advice
  • Career development
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Job applications
  • Interview coaching
  • Networking opportunities.

Benefits of using outplacement services

For participants

Outplacement services proactively invest in people at a difficult time. This assistance helps them move forward positively, find a new role and cope with the realities of job change.

For employers

Culture – Restructuring may have a negative impact on performance. Staff who remain can feel demoralised, unmotivated and anxious. Some may begin to look for a new job. By offering career transition support you can enhance employee morale, motivation and productivity, and improve retention of remaining staff.

Reputation – Corporate outplacement services can protect your organisation’s reputation and enhance its image and reputation as an employer of choice. This can reduce the risk of legal action, with former employees feeling better about an organisation if they are given assistance with career transition.

Savings – Outsourcing means you can focus on business operations rather than diverting time, energy and expertise to assist former employees.


We have used Glide Outplacement for a number of redundancies. We have found them to be professional, discrete and innovative. The feedback that I have received from former colleagues has been excellent. Kate Halcoop More testimonials