Frequently asked questions about outplacement services

Outplacement services questionsThese are the most frequently asked questions about outplacement we receive. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, we’d be delighted to help you.

What are outplacement services?

Outplacement services support people who are due to leave or have recently left their job as a result of redundancy. An employer will enlist a specialist career transition company to help employees during this period and support them to find a new job.

Why offer outplacement?

Outplacement is a key part of a best practice redundancy process. Employees often expect this type of assistance, and it may minimise legal action.

In addition, offering career transition support helps boost morale in the workplace. Those remaining see a professional and caring exit process, with genuine concern and respect for former employees. This can protect the organisation’s reputation and maintain a positive image in the labour market, which is critical when you return to growth.

How can it benefit former employees?

Specialist support following redundancy can make a difficult time an opportunity for exploration and career growth. People who feel valued and supported through their job search are less likely to engage in legal action against the company, or share negative experiences with friends.

Why use specialist companies?

It can help former employees break their emotional tie to their former company. Instead, they build a temporary or lasting bond with their career consultant who will support them during transition.

What career transition support does Glide Outplacement offer?

Organisational change and its impact on employees is personal to an organisation and its culture. We discuss a client’s outplacement needs with them prior to developing a support package to ensure it meets the needs of both the organisation and the individuals affected.

A wide range of outplacement services is available, including:

  • Career assessment.
  • Job search support.
  • Advice on resumes and applications.
  • Tips on networking opportunities.
  • Help with interview techniques.
  • Training needs analysis.
  • Advice on starting a business.

Do you work with individuals or groups?

Services can be delivered on an individual one-to-one basis, at a location and time to suit the person. Alternatively we can facilitate group workshops for up to 10 people per session.

For how long is support provided?

Some organisations use us to provide a set number of career coaching sessions, others ask us to assist until a new job is found. We typically work with people over four to 12 weeks. We can condense or expand this as needed.

How much does outplacement cost?

Our high value yet affordable services are tailored to meet the requirements of clients and can reflect the available budget.

Who delivers the programs and workshops?

We match the right outplacement consultant to the individual or group to ensure we deliver the best possible service. When we receive the contact details of a person we will be working with, we introduce ourselves, explain the service and answer any questions they may have. This enables us to gain an understanding of their objectives and to allocate the right consultant based on style, background and experience.

Do you work with all employee levels?

Yes. We offer a variety of assistance covering the needs of all employee levels, from senior executive outplacement to award workers.

Is it the same as recruiting or headhunting?

No. We assist individuals in achieving success in their career transition. Recruiters search, identify and hire candidates to fill specific job openings. We do however provide access to HR and recruitment contacts.

If you have any more questions about outplacement, please get in touch.