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How outplacement services helped me find a new job

    How outplacement services helped Jamie find new job after redundancy

    We spoke to James, a recent participant on our career transition program, about how outplacement services helped him find a new job.

    Some employees missed out on receiving thousands of dollars’ worth of help with their job search. Their former employer offered outplacement as part of their redundancy package. However they decided to go it alone despite research showing people who use such services are 80% more successful in their job search.

    Following a company-wide restructuring, James was made redundant from his job. As part of his package, James’s firm arranged an outplacement services program for him with Glide Outplacement.

    Why did you decide to use outplacement services?

    Losing my job had knocked my self-confidence and I felt angry about being made redundant. I thought I’d give outplacement a go as it had been more than five years since I had last looked for a new job. I didn’t know how to use the latest methods such as social media in my search and I wanted some help updating my resume. But I was unsure what this help would involve exactly – I wasn’t keen on ‘opening up’ about my emotions, for example!

    However, from the very beginning, my outplacement consultant made me feel at ease and instilled me with the confidence that I could find a suitable new role. It was good to talk things through with a third party who had no vested interest.

    I also got to find out about the latest trends in the job market and how to use new technology to market myself to potential employers. What really impressed me was the personalised service I received. It was tailored to my needs, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I felt that I was treated as a person, not as an object to be processed and pushed out of the door to make way for the next client.

    How did it help you move forward?

    When I started the program, my major concern was that there weren’t too many openings at my level of the job market. I needed professional advice on navigating the employment market and securing a job fast. Friends in similar situations were taking a long time to find new jobs and I was worried about my own prospects.

    Without this help I wouldn’t have been as positive in my outlook or as confident in my abilities to find a new job. It helped me take action rather than wait for opportunities to come to me.

    What specific help did you receive?

    Simon, my consultant, helped me to identify possible job options and search for suitable employment. He took the time to make sure that my skills and knowledge matched the positions I was interested in applying for. He advised me to make a list of the companies I’d really like to work for so I could target them directly, instead of just looking at online job boards and other traditional avenues of employment.

    Together we developed a professional resume and LinkedIn profile that showcased my skills and experience. Simon also encouraged me to engage in some online specialist discussion groups. In fact, it was via LinkedIn that I heard about a potential job opportunity.

    Finally, Simon worked with me to improve my interview and presentation techniques. We discussed what types of questions I might be asked, and crafted possible responses to them. He encouraged me to research the company and the sector so I could ask questions at the job interview that demonstrated my industry knowledge and how I would be a good fit for the role.

    By the time I had my first job interview, I felt prepared and confident. In fact, I was successful at the very first interview! Within weeks of starting the career transition program, I had secured a new position.

    How is it going in your new job?

    It’s going well. I’ve settled in and made a good first impression with my new employers.

    Did outplacement services help you?

    Yes, outplacement services helped me and I’d definitely recommend this type of support to people in a similar situation. The career transition program was exactly what I needed after being made redundant, and equipped me in preparing for my next move.