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Outplacement services to support career transition

Outplacement services coach writes the word goals on a whiteboard while colleague watches

Caring outplacement services assist after redundancy

Our outplacement services offer a positive and collaborative coaching approach following redundancies and organisational change.

Each situation is different. We can tailor an outplacement solution to best suit your organisation needs and each individual’s goals. 

Additionally, we provide emotional support through difficult transitions. Be confident your outgoing employee’s career transition will be cared for efficiently and sensitively, while provided with effective job search support.

What are outplacement services?

Change is an inevitable part of the modern workplace, especially in the current climate. Many organisations have to restructure their workforces to ensure they remain effective and efficient.

Redundancies often are part of a restructuring process. Outplacement services provide assistance to an organisation’s departing employees. This specialist support facilitates their transition to a new job: research shows that people who are assisted in their job search find new roles more quickly and easily.

Usually it comprises a structured program with various job search services and career guidance. A safe and caring confidential environment also helps employees to recover emotionally after redundancy.

Outplacement services for every employee level

We support employees at all levels. This includes entry to mid-level staff, senior managers and executive level employees.

Choose from our different outplacement program levels and delivery methods to best meet your coaching needs.

The program uses modern recruitment methods such as video interviewing and qualitative psychometric tests to prepare participants.


One-to-one individual outplacement programs offers excellent value and flexible support.


Group outplacement and workshops are ideal for larger numbers affected by redundancy.


Executive programs provides specialist outplacement services for up to 12 months.


Help your employees transition to retirement and explore work options.

What is included in outplacement services?

Career assessments
Training needs analysis and advice
Resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles
Job search strategies
Working with recruiters
Hidden job market
Interview coaching
Networking advice
Salary negotiations
Starting a business
Careers in retirement

Tailor support

Looking to choose your own program options?

Select from the most appropriate for your workforce and choose how they are delivered.

Depending on your budget it can be more time and cost effective to deliver outplacement services in groups.

Unlike many other providers, our best practice programs are available in both one-to-one and group formats.

One to one outplacement coaching

An experienced team

We have a first-class team of consultants and psychologists to partner with you during this critical process.

Led by Managing Director Simon Bennett, they bring years of practical and professional experience in the outplacement and recruitment sectors. Each coach has advanced communication skills and expertise within their discipline. Our network extends globally, ensuring ample career opportunities

Client reviews

My consultant’s vast understanding of the human elements of both employers and employment seekers, up to date in-depth knowledge of recruitment trends, surprising and effective antidotes and intuitive foresight provided me with the tools needed to find and obtain my new career pathway. He helped to identify the most suitable career structure for me as an individual and played a great part in ensuring my career transition period was very positive.​

Amy – Events Manager, Brisbane

Applying for jobs is daunting, especially when it has been over a decade since you last went through this process!

Glide Outplacement was incredibly helpful during this transition period, they were friendly, informative and incredibly insightful throughout all stages; from cover letter and resume writing through to the interview process and beyond.

Kasey O’Halloran

Free consultation

Get a free, no obligation and confidential 30 minute outplacement consultation with one of our team. We can answer your questions about what is the best solution for your employees. Call 1300 191 131 or book online.

Outplacement services Australia-wide

Wherever your location, we can provide outplacement services. We have teams in cities and regional locations supporting companies and individuals across Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and regional centres. We also have an office in Auckland, New Zealand. Delivery can be face to face (depending on current restrictions) or online with our virtual programs.

We also offer redundancy notification training for managers.

Contact your local team to find out how we can deliver outplacement services customised to your company’s requirements and budget. Call 1300 911 131 or send us a message.

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