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Organisational change support

Regardless of how well you handle a redundancy process, there will always be the risk that job losses will affect the morale of remaining employees and lead to fears about security. This can decrease productivity and slow your business down. Glide Outplacement’s organisational change consulting services provide emotional and practical support to maintain and improve productivity. We also provide advice on managing communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Supporting remaining employees following redundancies

After organisational change employees may be concerned about changed roles, re-adjusted priorities and new reporting relationships. Team building workshops enable staff members to positively and constructively manage their concerns and address issues. This can motivate them to adapt to their new workplace.  

We work with employers to develop an agenda to address your organisation’s specific issues and support your remaining employees following redundancies. This will ensure a successful post-transition period. Options can include:

  • Stress management tips.
  • Group discussions on particular concerns.
  • Identifying how employees can focus on activities that will boost productivity.
  • Advice on taking charge of their career paths.

Communicating organisational change

Proactive communication is critical in the initial stages following redundancies. It is important to demonstrate you value employees who remain in your organisation. This includes acknowledging the impact of change as employees come to terms with the departure of colleagues, and changes to their own roles or workload.

Providing clarity on the reasons for change, and the organisation’s future strategy, will help reduce uncertainty about the company’s ongoing viability. This can also put a stop to speculation by dealing swiftly with rumours and correcting any misinformation.

Glide Outplacement can develop a communication strategy to provide positive messages about organisational change. We can also assist in building a strong internal culture. Consistent and transparent communication, reinforcing values and priorities, will encourage employees to engage with the organisation in its new form.

Retaining employees and reducing risk

Employee retention following redundancies is a significant and costly business risk. We can work with you to identify retention issues with remaining employees, for example barriers to engagement, satisfaction and motivation. We advise on strategies to retain and engage staff at an organisational, business unit or team level. Our specialist training advisers can help you to understand where additional training, development or leadership focus may be required.

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