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Redundancy notification training for managers

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Redundancy notification training

Redundancy notification training enables managers to better understand responsibilities, maintain objectives and overcome emotions when making redundancies.

Employer representatives play an essential role in the redundancy process, yet may have no experience in managing this task. Our specialist training builds their knowledge of the process and provides them with the essential skills they need to effectively carry out their role and support those impacted by retrenchment.

Ensure your redundancy process runs smoothly and reduce legal risk. Call 1300 911 131 for a no obligation, free discussion.

Managing redundancies

A critical element of organisational change is managing redundancies in an effective and compassionate way. 

Redundancy processes are often challenging for line managers, especially if they’ve not had previous experience in managing job losses. They may be unsure what to say or how to react to people’s emotions to the news.

Being better prepared gives people a greater understanding of their exiting employees’ possible reactions and knowledge of a company’s responsibilities. With a better understanding of the process, they can plan notification meetings and deliver information with a caring approach. This also ensure employees receive the news accurately.

Our consultants can also attend your premises and begin delivering outplacement programs on the day of the notification.

Benefits of redundancy notification training

Combined with outplacement services, redundancy notification training minimises potential negative impacts to corporate brand and reputation. 

Redundancies, when implemented incorrectly, can have a far reaching impact on an organisation. If poorly managed, they can be costly and time consuming. They can also have a negative effect on remaining staff morale.

Redundancy notification training features

  • How to tell employees the news.
  • Where to deliver the news.
  • Techniques for dealing with a range of employees’ reactions.
  • Strategies for managing and communicating organisational change.
  • Re-engaging with the remaining workforce.

Communication strategies for redundancies

Proactive communication is critical in the initial stages following redundancies.

Glide Outplacement develops communication strategies that provide positive messages about organisational change. We also assist in building a strong internal culture. 

Consistent and transparent communication, reinforcing values and priorities, encourages employees to engage with the organisation in its new form.

  • Demonstrate you value employees who remain in your organisation.
  • Acknowledge the impact of change as employees come to terms with their colleagues’ departure and changes to their own roles or workload.
  • Provide clarity on the reasons for change, and the organisation’s future strategy
  • Reduce uncertainty about the company’s ongoing viability.
  • Deal swiftly with rumours and correct misinformation.

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