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Redundancy notification training for managers

Glide Outplacement’s redundancy notification training enables managers to better understand responsibilities, maintain objectives and overcome emotions when making redundancies.

The dangers of poorly managed redundancies

Redundancies, when implemented incorrectly, can have a far reaching impact on an organisation. If poorly managed, they can be costly and time consuming. They can also have a negative effect on remaining staff morale.

The process can be challenging and uncomfortable for line managers. They may be unsure what to say or how to react to people’s inevitable strong emotions to the news of their job loss.

A critical element of the organisational change planning process is how redundancies will be managed in an effective and compassionate way.

How redundancy notification training can help

Training gives managers more confidence to deal with the change process and tell someone they’ve lost their job. It helps them to understand the psychological and emotional dynamics of job loss for all involved.

Being better prepared gives people a greater understanding of their exiting employees’ possible reactions and knowledge of a company’s responsibilities. With a better understanding of the process, they can plan redundancies effectively and deliver the information with a caring approach while ensuring the employee receives the news accurately.

Combined with outplacement services, it also minimises potential negative impacts to your organisation’s corporate brand and reputation.

What support do we offer?

Our redundancy notification training and practice sessions, where required, can advise on:

  • How to tell employees the news.
  • Where to deliver the news.
  • Techniques for dealing with a range of employees’ reactions.
  • Strategies for managing and communicating organisational change.
  • Re-engaging with the remaining workforce.

Our career transition consultants can also attend your premises and begin delivering one of our outplacement programs on the day of the notification.

Contact Glide Outplacement and ask how we can deliver redundancy notification training suitable to your organisation.