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Testimonials and client reviews

I just heard I’ve been successful in securing a great new position with my desired employer. A huge shout out to Glide Outplacement for their practical advice and encouragement. Focused tips on tweaking my resume and showcasing my previous achievements and experience helped me get the interview. Advice and guidance on preparing for the interview helped me be assured and focused when I needed it.
Pamela Greet

Thanks for everything! It was great to have you to talk to through the job search process, thank you for all your support and guidance, even when the ‘offical period’ was over.
Jennie Hartwell, Adelaide

Very helpful, practical information.
Benjamin Fidler

I was very impressed by the professionalism and personalised attention that I received.
Zareena Ali

I highly recommend Simon. He provided great tips and helped to find a placement with personalised and timely service. 5 Stars!
Monika Dheri

Thank you for all your help. I wouldn’t have this job without you!
Michelle Riedlinger

The Glide team are awesome to deal with. Fast turnaround and professional.
Ben Wilson

I was extremely happy with the service that Glide Outplacement provided. They wrote an excellent resume for me and also gave lots of extra tips on how to secure a job. Highly recommended!
Bronwyn Geddes

Applying for jobs is daunting, especially when it has been over a decade since you last went through this process! Glide Outplacement was incredibly helpful during this transition period, they were friendly, informative and incredibly insightful throughout all stages; from cover letter and resume writing through to the interview process and beyond. I wholeheartedly recommend Glide Outplacement’s services to anyone looking to start this process.
Kasey O’Halloran

I thought I should reach out and let you know that I have finally landed the role that I really wanted and at a pay level that’s better than the one I was on. Thank you for your help and guidance.
Andrew V

Could not ask for a better agency. Very thorough and professional. Helped update CVs with a whole new prospective. I would highly recommend them to all professions. Thanks again for your help.
Craig J

A big ‘THANKS’ to Simon and his team at Glide Outplacement for helping me with an outstanding resume and cover letter outlining all my skills, experience and credentials in the best possible way. My resume is now short, crisp, well-formatted and also echoes my achievements in a professional language.The way Glide Outplacement had prepared my resume taking necessary info from me, it would not be possible for a candidate like me looking for jobs, to do the same. Simon was especially quick in responding to my emails and satisfying all my queries. Not only resume and cover letter, the team also sent me important documents regarding job search, interview and many more. I would simply suggest people aspiring for a new job or career change to contact Glide Outplacement and avail their services.
Pousali Day

Having my resume professionally corrected and updated, I now expect more and more job interviews.
Ava Mova

Very impressed with there professionalism, efficiency and quality of work. Just received my final documents today and look forward to putting my resume out there. fingers crossed!
Matthew Millard

Couldn’t thank the team enough for their wonderful customer service (quick turnaround time and tailored advice exceeding better practice guide in the field). Highly recommend!
Joy Gakii

I have not had to update my CV in many years. He took all the hard work out of doing this for me by helping me create a CV which effectively and succinctly describes the key responsibilities and outcomes that I have achieved in my career. He has also helped set me up for success by refreshing my career profile and adjust the system settings to my linked in profile. Thanks again.

Donna was fantastic. She really helped me finesse my resume and wrote an amazing cover letter. The service was friendly, quick and easy. I would have no hesitation in recommending Glide Outplacement Services.
Sarah Widt

A big thank you to Simon and his team!! Simon did a great job to help me design and update my resume and social media profiles. I was extremely satisfied with all my services. I was provided with extra feedback and advice to help with my job search and preparing for interviews. The self-marketing package I went with was really good value for money, and I would definitely recommend Glide Outplacement to others.
Philip O’Connor

The Glide Outplacement team was a joy to work with, offering useful tips and a lot of helpful hints to assist you with your job search. Great service.
Stephen Van

Simon did an excellent job for me. He provided me with prompt and tailored resume service. Highly recommended.
Zhihui Yang

I like to thank them for all the help I received, from preparation of resume and cover letters for various job applications to setting up of social media profile, as well as interview preparation. They were very helpful and professional. Highly recommended. Thank you very much.
Rob Sarn

Tremendous Value !!
Services – Resume Update and Cover Letter
I felt something was missing from my resume that would help me stand out from others and really sell myself. Looking for a fresh approach, I contacted Glide Outplacement. Simon and the team take time to understand who you are, where you are with your job search, what you are looking for and discuss alternative approaches to the job search. I was blown away with the resume and cover letter they provided, the content and layout was excellent, adding so much more detail and relevant information that I did not consider previously. In addition to this, they provided advice on my job search approach, what and where to look for alternatives to gaining the experience in the roles that I am looking to do. Excellent service which I will certainly be using again and recommending to others.
Update (to previous review above). I would like to provide further details to my post above. Simon and the team do get results !! Here is my timeline.
22-04 – received the final draft of my resume provided by Glide and started applying for jobs
26-04 – employer contacted me to arrange an interview
04-05 – interview attended and job offered the same day
I highly recommend using the services provided by Glide!!
John M

I utilised the services of Glide Outplacement throughout the redundancy of my team, a number of my colleagues and myself. In a new situation with so many unknown elements I found their guidance not only invaluable to me but also to my colleagues and staff. My consultant’s vast understanding of the human elements of both employers and employment seekers, up to date in-depth knowledge of recruitment trends, surprising and effective antidotes and intuitive foresight provided me with the tools needed to find and obtain my new career pathway.He helped to identify the most suitable career structure for me as an individual and played a great part in ensuring my career transition period was very positive. As a result, I’m now in a position that suits me as an individual better than I ever thought possible. His positive and open demeanour and discretion where necessary allowed for the quick development of a solid rapport and I look forward to staying in touch with my consultant as a professional ally and friend throughout the future.
Amy, Events Manager, Brisbane

After a recent redundancy, I was offered the services of Glide Outplacement. Simon Bennett was able to focus my skills on securing an interview along with some valuable tips and tricks that would make me stand out from other candidates. Simon’s experience and ability to coach me through the processes ensured I came through the experience with the confidence that helped me secure the role. This is not the first time I have been made redundant but this was the first time that I secured a role at my first interview post a redundancy. Simon made the effort to contact me and set me tasks to help coach and guide me. I would recommend Glide Outplacement to anyone seeking to improve themselves and to prepare themselves for their next career challenge.
Stuart Mackay Training Specialist

Glide Outplacement was an invaluable source of help for me while job hunting. Simon was extremely friendly and helpful in improving my CV, giving me guidance on writing a good cover letter, and offering useful interview tips. All of his assistance led to me landing a new job within a month! A big thank you to Simon and the team.
Amanda Li

I would like to thank you for helping earlier this year, so that I started working as a permanent staff. You helped me to get my dream job which is secure and stable. Thank you again for your support!!

A big Thanks to the team of Glide Outplacement and the service I’ve received! My Resume is looking so well and it presented in such a professional way. I have no hesitation to suggest people who I known to use this service when they need to have a career changed.
Eva Huang

I found Glide Outplacement Service to be fantastic. They were very supportive during the entire process. Mostly though, I appreciated the advice on different negotiation options depending on the type of company I was being interviewed by.
Mike Belke Software Trainer

At first I was unsure if they could help me, but boy was I wrong. Strange thing is I got a job and in the first week I had a organisation I applied for a role with call to discuss my application but then a manager within that company then called me and wanted to discuss a role that was not one I had done before. However based on my resume he felt it was worth exploring this opportunity with me. So I say to you: swallow your pride, be humble and listen to the people who can increase your chances of getting a job both with resume and interview advice, setting a wage target and, but wait there’s more….contact them and find out you won’t regret it !!! Best thing is I found he really cared and was genuinely interested not only in my progress but in my well being as we all know things can drag you down, but his support was exceptional.
Carl Langridge Maintenance Manager

They provided the excellent work for me. I’m really enjoyed Simon and his team. My resume and cover letter was perfect works. I feel very warm to receive their email and call. I really recommend to everyone to optimize your resume with Simon and his team !!!
Sissi H

I highly recommend my consultant for his excellent approach to assisting myself in finding employment. I found him to be very accommodating to my needs from arranging our initial meeting to discussing my future requirements. I found his support and follow up contact whether by phone or email to be of great value and reassuring for my needs at this particular time.
Julie Colvin Facilities Manager

A massive thank you to Simon and his team!! Simon went above and beyond to help me design and update my resume, ensuring I was 100% satisfied with all my services and provided me with additional feedback and helpful tips on the do’s and don’ts and during my job search and interview process. I was so thrilled and happy with the treatment I received I have gone back for seconds and would happily refer anyone onto Simon who were looking to update their resume.
Tara Trussler WHS Coordinator

We have used Glide Outplacement for outplacement services for a number of redundancies. We have found them to be professional, discrete and innovative. The feedback that I have received from former colleagues has been excellent.
Kate Halcoop Brisbane

Totally recommend Simon’s services. Provided him with the information he required and produced documents I was very happy with.
Peter Bantzikas IT Manager

I want to thank you for your coaching and friendship during my transition period after redundancy. Your expertise and guidance, all the way through from unemployment to being able to get a new position, was fantastic. To have someone to go to if you need advice was terrific. I particularly appreciated your telephone calls and emails and the help with bringing my resume into the 21st century, and connecting to LinkedIn. I have been checked out many times by recruiters. The information in the pack you supplied was great, keeping me disciplined everyday in the job search. It also help me to see clearly the way ahead and to treat my position as if I was working for myself. The advice on self assessment was great, it took the worry out of the position you find yourself in,and put it into perspective. I felt that was most important to remain very positive and be patient. I was looking forward to the next challenge. The advice on preparing for the interviews and questioning I found helpful as it allowed me to think better about what to expect ,and what questions to ask. I have never been better prepared to attend an interview in my working life.
I would recommend your outplacement services to anyone in the same position.
James Account Manager, Brisbane

I have no hesitation in recommending Glide Outplacement to anyone and everyone attempting to tackle the job market. Glide’s professional and individualized approach ensured that I was confident and relaxed during daunting interview processes. Simon was supportive and fun in his guidance, and despite my obscure expertise, extremely adaptable in his technical knowledge. It is an amazing experience to be offered several roles and to be able to pick what suits me best! I would not have been in this position without Simon and Glide.
Briony Hooper

Simon and his team were an invaluable resource and instrumental in me getting my ideal job two months after I started working with them. Simon is a wealth of knowledge and the comprehensive modules were undeniably a critical step in the process. I really don’t know how I got a job in the past without their help. Luck, I suppose. He is also genuinely caring and supportive and our weekly hour-long phone conversations were always what I needed to keep me motivated. I cannot thank Simon and his team enough for his support and help over the last couple of months and I highly recommend using Glide Outplacement.
Julie Karitinos

I used Glide Outplacement’s outplacement services after being made redundant. As a result of the excellent support provided by Glide Outplacement, my experience of this period of career transition was very positive. From my initial contact with Donna I was impressed by her level of personal interest and felt reassured by the one-on-one relationship we established. The career transition program was well structured. The information and practical tools, as well as the helpful advice and encouragement, were invaluable support during my job search. I was delighted to quickly secure a well-paid, senior role shortly after completing the program. I have already recommended Glide Outplacement to a former colleague and would be pleased to continue to do so.
Peter Condylis PR Consultant, Brisbane

I recently engaged Glide Outplacement for career coaching assistance at the recommendation of a friend who had worked with Donna in the past. I had come to a crossroads with my career, felt I was stuck in a rut and felt that I needed some help to research some different options. Donna provided a thorough, tailored and professional service. Her assistance included identifying transferable skills and strengths, areas of interests and values as well as providing me with a program that had been tailored to suit my requirements. She also helped me with an innovative approach to building a resume for each application and coached me for each interview. With Donna’s help I came to the realisation that it was a new company and a new challenge that I required rather than a complete change of career. I don’t think I would have come to this conclusion without the assistance of Donna at Glide Outplacement. I am happy to recommend their services.
Martin Steptoe HR Manager, Sydney

Great and prompt service from Simon Bennett, Principal Consultant of Glide and this speaks volumes about the culture and the service orientation of the company. The CV review process was thorough and done with a lot of passion. For anyone looking at a change in career, please get in touch with Glide and I am sure you will be happy. Great job Glide and specially Simon
Devaratha Nambiar

Huge thanks to Simon for his help. I was unprepared but he throw questions at me about important information that I was dumb enough to think is useful in my resume and in case of an interview. I’m satisfied with the results and feeling positive that I will get an interview and a better career. Thank you Simon and your team. God bless.
Jacqueline Taua

Having my resume professionally corrected and updated, I now expect more and more job interviews. Thanks to Glide Outplacement for their quick and effective service!
Talat Movahed

I had a pleasurable time working with Simon. He has been a great help. Highly recommended.
Nguyen Phong