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Outplacement programs to suit your needs

We have developed four outplacement programs to assist your exiting employees in their career transition. We offer outplacement services for individuals or group outplacement.

Programs are suitable for all levels from junior members of staff to senior executives. With career consultants in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Canberra, we can deliver coaching face to face or via phone and online.

Programs are based on our Careers in Motion transition course.


Each outplacement program lasts between one month to upwards of 12 months.

Our most popular program is the Silver package. This provides an introductory consultation and five one-to-one coaching sessions with a dedicated career coach, and three months’ support via email, phone or Skype.

For senior employees, we offer the Platinum executive outplacement program. In addition to an introductory consultation and one-to-one coaching sessions with a senior consultant, we provide mentoring sessions, access to executive recruitment contacts and research and support services to assist their executive employment search over a 12 month period.

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Tailored outplacement programs

We can also develop specific outplacement programs to meet your organisation’s requirements and budget, as well as ensuring group or individual employee’s needs are met.

Contact our Brisbane head office if you would like more details about these outplacement services and associated costs and require an in-depth proposal customised to your company’s particular needs.