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What is outplacement?

What is outplacement? Consultant explains meaning

What is outplacement? It is specialist support to help people find new roles following redundancies

Organisation change often results in restructures that lead to job losses. Offering outplacement support – and encouraging staff to take up the offer – can help people find a new role more quickly and easily.

Job search help

This type of career coaching helps people with their job search following redundancy. It can include practical and emotional support such as:

  • Counselling for coping with retrenchment.
  • Career reviews and assessments.
  • Training advice.
  • Writing resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Job search strategies – including working with recruitment agencies, online searches and accessing ‘hidden market jobs’.
  • Interview coaching.
  • Networking tips and how to utilise connections.
  • Selecting referees.
  • Negotiating salary packages.
  • Preparing for self-employment or retirement.


No cost to employees

Employers provide outplacement support to employees as part of of severance package, and there is no cost to the employee.

Support for all levels

Employees at all levels and grades can benefit from this support. 

Career transition specialists

Third party suppliers, who are usually specialists in career transition and counselling (unlike recruitment agencies), deliver the services.

Outplacement benefits

These services are well-established in Australia. Many organisations undergoing change utilise them, recognising the importance of supporting exiting employees. 

For employees

1. Quicker and easier job search

People often feel more vulnerable and emotional and need more support than when they are choosing their own career transitions. Research has shown that people who are supported in their job search find a new role much quicker than those who are unsupported.

2. Modern methods

The way we find and secure jobs  has changed. Long-term employees may not have applied for a job or updated their resume for many years. Online applications, networking through LinkedIn and video interviews are much more common now. Modern job search strategies take advantage of these new and often unfamiliar methods.


For employers

There are also benefits in terms of corporate brand, organisational performance, employee retention and overall business success:

1. Reputation

Ensuring employees feel supported can protect your organisation’s reputation and reduce the risk of legal action. While redundancies are never easy to manage, providing career transition assistance minimises the risk of employees posting negatively on social media and other public forums and damaging your reputation in the process.

2. Culture

Restructuring can leave remaining staff feeling demoralised, unmotivated and anxious. A redundancy strategy of offering outplacement support to their former colleagues enhances employee morale and engagement and reduces ‘survivor guilt’, which can improve productivity and retention.

3. Savings

Outsourcing to a specialist company means you can focus on business operations rather than diverting time and expertise to assist former employees.

In-person and remote outplacement

Traditionally outplacement services are delivered face-to-face. We have consultants in locations across Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra, and Auckland New Zealand.

Remote coaching is also a popular option. There is a growing demand from participants to access their consultants through platforms such as Skype, Facetime and Zoom. This provides more flexible support, when and where they need it. It can also be a more cost-effective option for employers.

What is outplacement? 

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