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What is outplacement?

Coach explains to client what outplacement means

An introduction to outplacement

What is outplacement? It’s specialist support that helps people move on after redundancy and find a new job more quickly and easily.

It is sometimes called career transition support. But there isn’t a difference in the type of specialist support provided. It helps someone move on to their next employment opportunity after they have lost their job as a result of redundancy. 

Outplacement is a key part of a best practice redundancy process. Many organisations also recognise it as an integral part of the employee value proposition. 

What support does outplacement provide?

Outplacement services offer practical and emotional support to help people transition to a new job. The type of support provided can include:

  • Counselling
  • Career assessments
  • Training needs analysis and advice
  • Resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles
  • Job application forms
  • Selection criteria
  • Job search strategies
  • Online job search
  • Working with recruiters
  • Hidden job market
  • Interview tips and coaching
  • Networking advice
  • Salary negotiations
  • Advice on starting own business
  • Careers in retirement

What are the benefits of outplacement?

New roles more quickly

Offering support – and encouraging staff to take up the offer – can help them move forward positively and find a new role more quickly. 

Reduced legal risk

People who feel valued and supported through their job search are less likely to engage in legal action. If they feel more positive about their former employer, they are less likely to share negative views with friends or online.  

Communicate your values

Providing outplacement services sends a clear message that you value all of your employees.  

Maintain productivity

Career transition support helps maintain organisational performance, boost workplace morale and reduce turnover. Staff remaining see a caring exit process, with genuine concern and respect for their former colleagues.

Protect reputation

Outplacement can protect your corporate reputation and maintain a positive image in the labour market, which is critical when you return to growth.

Time and cost efficiencies

Outsourcing outplacement services can reduce the workload on internal HR teams and ensure targeted, cost-effective support.

What’s the best delivery method?

Delivery methods often depend on an organisation’s specific requirements. Face-to-face individual outplacement services can be delivered at a location and time to suit the person, or by phone and online. For larger numbers group outplacement combined with workshops may be more more effective. 

Remote online coaching is also an option via platforms such as Skype, Facetime and Zoom. This can be a cost-effective and more flexible option.

Why outsource?

Outsourcing to a specialist company,can:

  • Help employees break emotional ties to their former company
  • Build a bond between employee and consultant, who will support them during their job search process
  • Enable your internal HR team to focus on business operations rather than diverting time, energy and expertise to assist former employees

How long does an outplacement program last?

Outplacement programs can be tailored to company requirements. Some organisations procure a set number of career coaching sessions, others prefer to provide assistance until a new job is found. Typically people are supported for between four to 12 weeks, and up to 12 months for executive programs.

Is this support suitable for everyone?

Outplacement isn’t just for people in senior roles who have lost their job in a restructure. Employees at all levels and grades can benefit from career transition services after redundancy.

Expert consultants can assist a range of individuals, from recent graduates and award workers to industry specific professionals and senior managers. They work with clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, delivering high volume projects through to one-off redundancies.

There are also specialist services for executives and employees considering retirement.

Is it the same as recruiting or headhunting?​

No. Outplacement supports individuals to navigate the employment market and achieve a successful career transition. Recruiters search, identify and hire candidates to fill specific job openings. We do however provide access to HR and recruitment contacts.

How can you get support?

Organisations can engage an outplacement provider to provide career transition support. These third party suppliers, usually specialists in career transition and counselling (unlike recruitment agencies), provide your staff with assistance to find their next role.  

What is the cost to an employee?

Employers provide support to employees as part of of severance package. There is no cost to the employee.