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Media coverage and enquiries

Glide Outplacement and Career Coaching regularly appears in the Australian and international media in blogs, online magazines, radio and newspapers, commenting on career development issues, HR and change management, career transition, and resumes, interviews and job searching.

Here are links to some of our media coverage.

Returning to work after retirement 

Radio interview with Simon Bennett


28 April 2019

Job interview horror stories

The bizarre things Aussie companies have to deal with when trying to hire staff.



Career Experts’ Tips For Perfect Resume

Career specialists share their top tips for making your resume stand out from the crowd.



The five buzzwords employers want to see on your CV

With the new year on the horizon, many will be thinking about new opportunities, which means an updated CV is a must.

Daily Mail Australia


Finding a job after you’ve retired

TV interview with Simon Bennett.

Today Tonight


Retirement in the future

Radio interview with Simon Bennett.

ABC Radio


Cut these words from your resume

By carefully selecting the right words, your resume can make employers feel confident you are the ideal person for the job.

7 News


May 2018

Are cover letters still relevant?

Do cover letters still offer valuable information or does their formulaic nature simply adds to the load of the recruiter?

Seek Insights and Resources

May 2018

The seven questions you should never ask in a job interview

Asking the wrong question can reveal flaws in your attitude, insufficient preparation or a lack of interest in the job and could make an employer think twice about hiring you.

Honey nine.com.au


How do you stop unmotivated employees affecting the rest of your team?

Burning Questions: Insights from business leaders who know the ropes.

NSW Chamber of Business


How retirement in Australia will work in 2050

Will retirement still be the same decades from now?

Daily Telegraph

Herald Sun

Offshore Technology International


Worst resume mistakes

The worst (very common) mistakes you’re making on your resume.

The Cusp

March 2018

How to avoid standing out for the wrong reasons

Candidates who stand out to their recruiters for all the wrong reasons.


February 2018

How you get a promotion

If you’re not sure how best to go about chasing that promotion, Simon Bennett recommends the following tips.

Honey Nine.com.au

February 2018

Working with a recruiter

If you’re on the hunt for work, there’s a good chance you’ve been in contact with a recruiter. It pays to understand what they do, and how they do it.


February 2018

What happens when your career change doesn’t go according to plan

The key to successfully steering your career down a new path.

Fairfax Executive Style


The best jobs for retirees

Use your spare time to make extra money or discover a new pastime.


Now to Love


Recruiters reveal their most impressive candidates ever

Standing out in a crowded employment market is a difficult thing to do, particularly when you’re working with recruiters who deal with hundreds, if not thousands of applications per week. So, how do people actually cut through the noise and make a lasting impression?

Seek Advice & Tips


How to know whether you should quit your job

Quitting your job is a massive move, so what better way to make the final decision that with a questionnaire. Simon Bennett, Principal Consultant from Glide Outplacement and Career Coaching, says the length of time you stay in a job depends on a number of factors.

GQ Australia


How to craft the perfect resume for your new job

Updating your CV or resume is typically the first step on the road to a new role. A succinct, polished document which highlights your qualifications, experience and achievements can help you stand out from the crowd when you’re applying for positions or tapping your network for opportunities.

Fairfax Executive Style

Business Day


Do men really want money and power?

While money and career growth may or may not be important depending on your level of seniority, what [men] do want is job security.

Seek Insight & Resources

August 2017

Eliminate career fear: 10 reasons to seek counselling

There are many reasons people seek career counselling throughout their lifetime but the following scenarios make it a must.

Australian Online Courses


5 ways to ace your first day at a new job

One of the most stressful things about starting a new job is the first day. What do you wear? How early is too early to
arrive? Where do you eat lunch? Here are a few tips for mastering your first day at a new job, even if you feel like you’re
on information overload.



Making people redundant: how to conduct a notification meeting

Breaking the news about redundancies will never be an easy or enjoyable process, but with forward planning and a respectful and compassionate approach you can avoid adding to the distress of the affected employees and avoid long-lasting and potentially damaging impact to your organisation.

HR Daily


Bizarre job titles can make or break a career

A creative job title shows you’re imaginative and it might stand out amongst hundreds vying for an advertised position. But can it help or hurt your chances of securing a job?

Australian Online Courses


10 downsizing mistakes that can break your business

Downsizing is difficult. Perhaps that’s why so many companies get the redundancy process wrong and fail to see how their mistakes increase the negative impact of a redundancy announcement.

Business Business Business


Are non-compete clauses worth the paper they’re written on?

Is it worth including non-compete clauses in employment contracts?

HR Daily


Are outplacement services beneficial?

what are the people management benefits of using outplacement services during a downsizing event?

HR Daily


6 ways to get your new employee productive, faster

Attracting, selecting and recruiting new employees can be an expensive and time-consuming process. In the current business climate, the requirement to get them up to full productivity as
quickly as possible has never been more important.



Media enquiries

Glide Outplacement and Career Coaching has expert coaches who can comment on current issues, including:

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  • The future of work
  • Career coaching, mentoring and leadership training
  • Innovation in career transition
  • Latest job search trends and techniques.

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