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Canberra outplacement services and career coaching

Canberra outplacement services and career coaching across ACT

Glide Outplacement Canberra works with employers and individuals in Canberra and throughout the ACT, delivering best practice corporate outplacement services, career coaching and resume writing services.

About Glide Outplacement Canberra

We’re a team of experienced outplacement consultants, all experts at supporting people during the redundancy process. Our outplacement services are suitable for both private and public sector organisations looking for assistance with redundancies, giving employers the confidence and reassurance they are doing all they can for their former employees.

We also offer career coaching and resume services. These are designed to help professionals, career changers and job seekers understand their career options and achieve their full employment potential.

Glide Outplacement Canberra provides a wide range of outplacement services and career coaching including:

Individual and group outplacement services

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Career coaching Canberra

  • Identify careers tailored to your interests, values and personality.
  • Career guidance.
  • Career marketing documents, including resumes, application forms, cover letters and selection criteria.
  • Job search strategies and tools, including tips on networking, where to find job opportunities, and interview skills.

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Resume writing services

We offer a range of professional resume writing, cover letters, profiles and selection criteria services.

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