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Career transition to retirement program for employees

Employee transition to retirement programOur career transition to retirement program helps your employees prepare for change, whether it is the end of their professional careers, a role adaptation or new job. With our support, your retirees will depart with confidence to enjoy a satisfying lifestyle.

The benefits of retirement career planning

Retirement career planning is not just about financial readiness. It is also an opportunity to evaluate and plan a rewarding balance of work and leisure.

Retirement need not be an on/off switch in terms of a person’s career. For many, it is more about enjoying work and a more relaxed lifestyle rather than giving up on employment completely. 

Glide Outplacement’s career transition to retirement program delivers practical support to identify and overcome obstacles preventing people from choosing this option. We offer emotional support to reduce anxiety about change. We also provide useful planning strategies to make a successful and comfortable career transition.

Retirement planning also benefits organisations. It:

  • Encourages the planned transition of an ageing workforce and retains intellectual and industry knowledge.
  • Paves the way for individuals to progress into roles held by departing employees, as part of a succession planning strategy.
  • Cultivates the goodwill of retirees, other employees and the community by showing your concern for departing workers.

Transition to retirement program details

The program can be delivered through one-to-one coaching or as part of a half or full day workshop.

We focus on:

  • Readiness evaluation.
  • Managing the transition – myths, misinformation and attitudes about retirement.
  • Career planning – second careers, entrepreneurial work, consulting, part-time work and volunteer work.
  • Financial planning.
  • Relationships – changes in relating to spouse, children and friends; and self-image issues.
  • Use of time – rebalancing household, leisure and work-related activities.

Our consultants work with each individual to develop an action plan that aligns with their needs, goals and priorities for the future. Practical exercises, assessment tools and targeted analysis guide participants through a range of considerations.

The program can be offered as a standalone service to assist older employees wanting to transition from full-time employment. We can also provide it as an alternative to outplacement services in the event of redundancy or job loss.

Contact Glide Outplacement to design a career transition to retirement program suitable to your organisation.