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Outplacement case study: Professional services

Professional services outplacement

High quality outplacement services have reduced risk for our professional services client.

By investing in outplacement services, companies can significantly lower the risk associated with a downsizing action. 

We strive to understand company’s culture, objectives and needs to provide tailored, high quality outplacement relevant to both the client and departing employees.


Our client, a professional services company, continually reviews its business to identify changes that will improve capability and competitiveness. As part of ongoing re-alignments of structures and processes, roles are sometimes made redundant.

Potential for damage

It wanted to reduce the potential for damaging fallout from retrenchments. This included litigation, impacts to staff wellbeing, reduced productivity, staff turnover, and brand and reputation damage. It also wanted to give exiting employees the best chance possible of finding a new role and succeeding in their field.

The lean in-house HR team didn’t have the capacity or capability to provide specialist career transition support. So the company looked to engage an outplacement provider with which it could build a long term relationship and could be trusted to deliver high quality services.  


The company contracted Glide Outplacement as its exclusive provider of outplacement solutions. This allowed the client to leverage our end-to-end career transition methodology and tailored approach, while reducing costs due to economies of scale. 

For more than five years, a national team of consultants has assisted the company in managing workforce restructuring.This includes notification training for managers and on-site assistance on the day of notification.

One to one coaching

We have delivered our Silver and Gold individual outplacement programs to more than 30 individuals. This one to one career coaching focused on the individual’s strengths to assist in them to re-enter the job market. Participants were shown how to target opportunities, make contacts and develop networks to ‘open doors’ with employers. For senior staff we provided research and administrative services. We also initiated contact with appropriate recruitment agencies and potential employers. Most people found new jobs within their program duration. 

Specific services for each program included:


  • Introductory session
  • 5 one-to-one coaching sessions
  • Unlimited online, email and phone support
  • Redundancy counselling
  • Career assessment
  • Resume writing and cover letter
  • Job search strategies
  • Job interview coaching
  • Networking advice


  • Introductory session
  • 7+ one-to-one coaching sessions
  • Unlimited online, email and phone support
  • Redundancy counselling
  • Career assessment
  • Resume writing and cover letter
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Job search strategies
  • Job interview coaching
  • Networking advice
  • Recruiters and HR marketing
  • Feedback on job applications
  • Salary package negotiations


Our outplacement consultants are committed to ensuring the career transition process is as positive as possible. Their focus is on effective career transition plans and activities, helping exiting employees identify and implement their next steps.

The participants have received the programs well. They report securing suitable new roles or gaining positive ground in their personal career management.

Clear communication with the client ensures the project is effective for both the business and their employees. We also work closely with the client to ensure our services remain efficient in terms of time and budgets. A positive relationship has developed between everyone involved. Over the course of the five years, the client has referred other organisations to Glide Outplacement.

The company has recognised the return on investment of high quality outplacement services, especially compared to the cost of a poorly managed redundancy process.


98% of participants rated our programs as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’

Thank you for all your help in my job search, it kept me focussed and positive.  

The support I got was very comprehensive. I learnt so much!

I got a lot out of the program and valued the opportunity to reconsider my career path. 

Thank you for all your support and being there for me. I really appreciate everything you’ve helped me with

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