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Executive outplacement services

Executive outplacement program can help find senior role

Our executive outplacement services encourage and motivate senior managers to take action following redundancy, and achieve their career transition goals.

Our consultants provide high-level coaching, practical assistance and strategic networking advice, in addition to research services. They also identify and assess opportunities, including sourcing new roles or entrepreneurial ventures.

Proven results

Executive outplacement services are designed for senior management employees who require targeted guidance and mentoring to secure a new position. We provide support for up to 12 months or until a role is found.

Our programs have a proven track record with more than 85% of participants finding new roles within three months.

Executive outplacement consultants

Our consultants have experience working at senior levels. We work one-to-one with executives to ensure the career transition process is sensitively and appropriately managed.

We focus on specific needs, timetables and desired results, providing guidance and support on a journey to success. This ensures career transition is one of positive change. Our program lays the foundation for future achievement, while maintaining people’s dignity.

Benefits of executive outplacement support

The job search process for executives who have been made redundant can be complex and challenging. This change can be a long, difficult and dispiriting experience if unsupported.

Executive outplacement services minimise the potential damage to an organisation’s corporate reputation and internal resilience, and the impact to those affected by job loss. A career transition program can make the experience more positive for participants, from both an emotional and professional perspective.

Outplacement support for senior leaders require a high level of experience, professionalism and confidentiality. We ensure this challenging and sensitive scenario is managed in a way that is beneficial to the employee while protecting your corporate brand.

Executive outplacement options

Core elements of our executive outplacement assistance, based on our career transition course Careers in Motion, can include:

Review and assessments

Career assessments identify relevant vocational interests, using personality measures and work values instruments.

Career planning

Together we explore how to apply their skills and experience to new jobs. Alternatively, we look at options to change direction and maximise transferable skills.

Strategy development

Customised job search strategies identify the right opportunities and contacts, helping executives navigate the employment market and ensure maximum exposure of their resume.

Resumes and personal marketing tools

Our professional resume writers have extensive experience in reviewing and preparing executive resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, selection criteria and applications.

Interview coaching

Executives prepare for C-level interviews, presentations and assessment centres, with advice on researching employers to develop awareness of their business and goals.


Networking opportunities to access the hidden job market, and relevant recruiters and HR managers contacts.


We talk through feedback, and build confidence and self-belief to achieve their career goals.

Research services

Our administration support provides access to market intelligence reports and information.


We offer reverse-marketing and introductions to a national business network.

Psychometric and employment testing

Guidance on psychometric testing.

Salary negotiation

Coaching to negotiate salary and employment packages.


Onboarding advice to ensure a successful commencement of a new role.

Board memberships

Assistance with board appointments.


With experienced consultants across Australia and New Zealand, we can support individuals and companies based in cities and regional locations including:

  • Queensland (QLD) – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and regional QLD.
  • New South Wales (NSW) – Sydney, Newcastle and regional NSW.
  • Victoria – Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding areas.
  • Western Australia – Perth and regional WA.
  • ACT – Canberra and surrounding areas.
  • South Australia (SA) – Adelaide and regional SA.
  • NZ – Auckland.


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