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Executive outplacement program can help find senior role

Executive outplacement solutions

Executive outplacement supports senior managers following redundancy so they achieve their career transition goals.


The job search process for executives can be complex and challenging. Executive outplacement provides senior managers with high level career coaching to secure a new C-suite position. 

This specialist 12 month program lays the foundation for future achievement. It also minimises the potential damage to corporate reputation and resilience.

Protect your brand and business, and support your departing senior employees. Call 1300 911 131 for a no obligation, free discussion.

Executive outplacement features

One-to-one coaching

Career assessment

Executive job search

Resume writing

Interview simulations

Research services

Executive outplacement options

Identify relevant vocational interests, using personality measures and work values tools and instruments.

Build confidence and self-belief after retrenchment to achieve career goals.

Apply skills and experience to new jobs, or change direction and maximise transferable skills.

Customised job search strategies to identify opportunities and contacts.

Our professional resume writers have extensive experience in writing executive resumes.

Build an online presence via LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Reverse-marketing and introductions to a national business network.

Prepare for C-level interviews, presentations and assessment centres.

Networking opportunities to access the hidden job market, recruiters and HR managers.

Guidance on psychometric testing.

Administration support provides access to market intelligence reports and information.

Coaching to negotiate salary and employment packages.

Ensure a successful commencement of a new role.

Assistance with board appointments.


For employees

  • Quicker and easier job search
  • Boosted motivation
  • Mental health support
1 %
of participants

supported back into work within 90 days

For employers

  • Reduced reputation risk
  • Productivity maintained
  • Savings from outsourcing 

Careers in Motion

The 12 month executive outplacement program is based on our career transition course Careers in Motion. This complies with the Australian Government’s Australian Blueprint for Career Development career management competency guidelines.

Careers in Motion outplacement course for career transition

Executive outplacement team

From assessing skills and selecting the right next opportunity, to building engaging CVs and transforming interview performance, one of our expert executive outplacement consultants is there, every step of the way.

Our consultants, who have worked at senior levels, provide professionalism and confidentiality. We ensure the career transition process is sensitively and appropriately managed. Programs are supplemented by additional mentoring sessions to maintain wellbeing and ongoing motivation.

They have significant experience in delivering high-level coaching, strategic networking advice and research services to give executives the tools to manage career change. This supports them in their journey to secure their next opportunity.


We have executive outplacement consultants to support your employees across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Queensland (QLD) – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and regional QLD.
  • Western Australia – Perth and regional WA.
  • ACT – Canberra and surrounding areas.
  • South Australia (SA) – Adelaide and regional SA.
  • NZ – Auckland.
  • New South Wales (NSW) – Sydney, Newcastle and regional NSW.
  • Victoria – Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding areas.

Find out more about executive outplacement

Executive outplacement services provide support that is beneficial to the employee while protecting your corporate brand. Call 1300 911 131 or send a message for more information.