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10 questions to ask if your role is made redundant

What questions should you ask about your redundancy to ensure you receive the support, such as outplacement services, you may be entitled to? Receiving difficult news makes it hard to process important information relating to your redundancy and to ask questions about its implications.

Network of people question is LinkedIn a waste of time

Is LinkedIn a waste of time?

Does anyone find a job through LinkedIn or is it just a waste of time? Well, if you don’t use LinkedIn properly it certainly is a waste of your time and efforts – and opportunities. You have to use it well. Otherwise you could be missing out.

To do list for preparing for a job interview

22 tips for preparing for a job interview

If you’re preparing for a job interview, browse through our 22 interview tips to increase your chances of winning the position. Gain an advantage when applying for jobs and get ready for the job interview process in today’s competitive markets.

Recruiters to find job after redundancy

Using recruiters to find a job after redundancy

When you’re looking for a new job, working with recruiters can be a great help to your search. Whether you want to find a part time summer job, temp role or full time permanent position, one of the best resources you can take advantage of is a recruitment agency.

Include things that are bad for your resume and end up in bin

5 things that are bad for your resume

Writing a job-winning resume is a challenge. You have a limited amount of space in which to promote yourself and your abilities, and typically just six seconds in which to impress a potential employer or recruiter. So don’t waste time and space on things that are likely to discourage someone from interviewing you.

Career coaching can help compass find gold

10 ways a career coach can help you

A career coach is similar to having a personal trainer, but instead of improving your fitness, career coaching can improve your professional health. Working with an independent expert can provide you with much-needed clarity, motivation and encouragement.

Man who may be made redundant

Warning! Signs you may be made redundant (part one)

Although a sign by itself might be nothing to worry about, a series of signs could indicate your job is in peril. If you’re worried about redundancies, look for these clues to find out if your days are numbered and can take action before the news breaks.

upload resume to database

Best free resume databases for job seekers

Good resume databases can be like perfect blind dates. A job seeker and a recruiter meet for the first time, get to know each other and sparks can fly. One things lead to another and the candidate secures a new job and the recruiter earns commission. It’s a great outcome when it all goes to plan!

Blue collar resume

Blue collar resume tips for trade and construction jobs

In the past, you may not have needed a blue collar resume. But there may come a time in your career when you want to apply for roles with larger companies or need to look beyond your network for work. Usually these employers expect you to apply using a resume (or CV).

Man searching for hard to find a job in Australia

Why it’s so hard to find a job in Australia

You have the qualifications, experience and skills, so why is it so hard to find a job in Australia? In a tough employment market, it can be a struggle to stay optimistic about your job search.

How to change careers in your 20s

Once there were jobs for life. The career you began in your twenties would usually be the one you’d continue doing until your retirement. But for Millennials, changing careers, even if you’ve only just started working, is becoming increasingly common. Will leaving your first job too soon damage your future career prospects?

Video camera for job interview

How to be great in video job interviews

Well done, you’ve submitted your resume and reached the next stage – a video job interview. Although this may be your first on screen assessment, they are becoming ever more popular with employers. If you want to do well in this type of interview format, you need specific skills that you wouldn’t use in a typical face to face job interview.

Woman has bad sleep before job interview

Bad night’s sleep before a job interview

The standard recommendation before a job interview is to ‘get a good night’s sleep’ the night before so that you’re functioning at your best during the event. But often we find ourselves too excited or nervous about the interview – or important meeting – we will be having the next day to drift off as easily as we normally would.

Outplacement helps career development like a leaf becomes a tree

Using outplacement for career development

Outplacement services are offered by employers after you’re made redundant, when your priority is finding a new job. But outplacement can do more than help you move smoothly into a new job. It can also be an opportunity for career development.

Hand asks for outplacement help

Outplacement help at any job search stage

When you were made redundant, you may have thought outplacement services wouldn’t be of use to you… But now you’ve started your job search independently and it’s not going as well as you had hoped. Outplacement can help you at every stage of your job search.

Stop voice shaking interviews as shown by frog

5 tips to stop your voice shaking in interviews

Before an important meeting like a job interview, it is natural to feel a little anxious. What can you do if your voice is a bit wobbly when you feel under pressure? Here are some quick ways to stop your voice shaking.

Yes or no - what is the right job for you

Is this the right job for you?

It’s nice to be wanted, but is this new job opportunity really right for you?  How do you decide whether to take an offer or not? Luckily we have some hints and tips to help you make your mind up.

Handshake for job interview

Best handshake to impress in a job interview

In a job interview, it is standard practice to shake hands with your interviewer when you first meet and at the end of the process. We use it to show respect. But can a ‘poor’ handshake damage your professional image and your chances of winning the job?

Camouflage defence skills resume

Writing about ADF Defence skills in a resume

Former ADF members are great assets to any organisation. Find out how you can write about your ADF experience in a resume and stand out from your competition, for all the right reasons.

option to move from public to private sector job

Moving job from public service to private sector

If you’re keen to make a career move from a government job to the private sector, what do you need to take into account when contemplating such a change? It helps to weigh up the pros and cons of making the transition, and to be aware of some of the issues you may face in making the move.

Woman telling people about your redundancy

Telling people about your redundancy

Many people feel sad, embarrassed or angry about being made redundant. They do not feel comfortable sharing the news, and that they are looking for a new position. There’s also the matter of what to say if you’re asked in a job interview why you left your previous role. What are the best ways of telling people about your redundancy?

Businessman taking LinkedIn profile picture selfie

Why you need a LinkedIn profile picture

Your LinkedIn profile picture is your opportunity to let people know that you are happy, confident and approachable. If you post a profile photo that portrays you as negative, threatening or grumpy it is unlikely that people will want to employ you.

Defence to civilian transition planning

Guide to Defence to civilian transition

Leaving the ADF can be a daunting prospect. Whether due to the end of a period of service, redundancy or medical discharge, planning a transition well in advance of your discharge will make the change less stressful and ensure you are as well prepared as possible.