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Careers in Motion outplacement program

Careers in Motion outplacement courseCareers in Motion is a practical and flexible outplacement course for career transition. It forms the structure of our outplacement services for employees who have been made redundant.

Module 1: Coming to terms with redundancy

Addressing the questions ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What can I do?’ provides a solid basis on which to develop your job search campaign. The answers to these questions guide your career transition and assist with planning and preparation.

This review and move forward module ensures you:

  • Maintain morale and productivity.
  • Minimise potential negative consequences.
  • Succeed in job and career change with minimum disruption to your life.

Module 2: Clarifying personal values and identifying key skills

While self-promotion is generally uncomfortable, if you don’t know and believe in yourself how can you expect others to? In job search, the realities are you must promote the ‘Product’ you and therefore know what you have to offer. This involves developing an appreciation of your value to a prospective employer.

This part of the outplacement course provides opportunity to identify skills, values, achievements and interests.

Module 3: Projecting strengths out in the job market

This module assists you to develop the ‘tools’ and skills you need to effectively interface with the job market.

It gives advice on:

  • Developing an effective marketing tool for use in the job search process (i.e. your resume).
  • Ensuring you have a full understanding of job requirements.
  • Constructing covering letters for maximum impact.
  • Preparing effective applications for employment in the private and public sector.
  • Improving your chances of being selected for interview.
  • Managing referees and references including your ‘leaving story’.

Module 4: Developing a job search strategy

Develop job search techniques through training in topics such as accessing the ‘hidden job market’, contacting recruitment consultants, networking and research.

Find out about:

  • Developing a structured approach to job searches
  • Gaining confidence in cold calling and using personal networks
  • Developing self-promotion skills
  • Identifying prospective job avenues
  • Securing face-to-face interviews.

Module 5: Learning to succeed at interviewing

The final module of our outplacement course gives instruction and advice on job interview techniques and salary negotiations. It covers the purpose of the interview, details the different interview formats and covers preparation before and during the interview. We also provide tips on determining the best opportunity to accept.

It will help you:

  • Develop an appreciation of interview dynamics.
  • Create possible responses to interview questions.
  • Manage salary negotiations.

Outplacement course manual

The Careers in Motion course manual, provided to people on an outplacement program, is packed with useful tools and insights.

It contains extensive notes on resume preparation, and as well as interview questions, salary negotiation tactics and psychometric profiling tools.

Contact our Brisbane head office for more information about Careers in Motion.