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Melbourne outplacement services

About Glide Outplacement Melbourne

Glide Outplacement Melbourne helps people navigate the competitive job market and move into suitable new employment as soon as possible after redundancy.

We deliver corporate outplacement services and career coaching to employers and individuals in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

One-to-one and group career transition support

The team supports companies and organisations, in the private and public sectors, during individual or large-scale redundancies. 

We help former employees cope with change and provide expert advice, tools and techniques to enable them to quickly secure a new role. Our career coaches also offer employment advice and professional resume and cover letter writing services to help people looking for a new role, professional support to progress at work or training options.

Skilled advice

Our consultants are skilled at advising employees on proven assessment, search and selection techniques. They can advise on how to best secure a position with minimum delay, putting people in touch with employment agencies and HR managers looking to recruit, and ways to access unadvertised opportunities. 

Other ways they can help are developing personal marketing documents and preparing for a variety of different types of job interviews.

They can assist people to identify employment goals, get advice on what their training options are or access support for when someone is unsure what to do next professionally. Our consultants provide much-needed clarity, motivation and encouragement.

Successful outcomes

Research shows that a person who completes a strategic transition program halves the time they spend searching for a new role compared with a person working through a process in an unsupported way.

Support options

Support we can provide includes:

Redundancy and emotional counselling.
Job search strategies, action plans and tools.
Help with developing resumes, application forms, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and selection criteria.
Interview training, including simulations.
Advice on current job markets, recruitment trends and networking.
Notification training.

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Who we work with

We work with people at all levels, whether they have recently started working or are senior level directors and executive employees.

Contact Glide Outplacement Melbourne

Our Melbourne outplacement team is located at 101 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000. 

As well as covering major Victorian cities and towns including Geelong and Bendigo, we also provide outplacement services for regional Victoria. All our services can be provided in person or remotely.

Please note: We also provide outplacement services in other locations across Australia.

Send us message or call 1300 911 131.