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How much does outplacement cost?

How much do outplacement services cost?

Outplacement fees

How much do our outplacement services cost? Well, the answer is not always simple. Fees depend on a company’s specific requirements and the needs of impacted employees. 

With every client, we focus on the individual and support them to achieve their specific career goals.

Our cost-effective support recognises the unique challenges each person faces.

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Determining outplacement costs

We offer flexible outplacement support tailored to individuals, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach with a universal flat fee.

Before every assignment, we discuss with each client what their organisation wants to offer their employees and provide a tailored proposal and affordable fee structure based on this. There are no additional costs associated with our fees.

Some of the variables we take into consideration when calculating price include:

  • How many employees are affected by redundancy? There is no minimum number required with our services.
  • The level of support they need. Executive outplacement can cost more, for example, as the support we provide is more in-depth and longer term.
  • When they want to start a program. We offer the option to place a hold on commencing services until the individual is ready to start. 

Quality service at every level

Whatever position someone holds within a company, or tenure, we provide the same high quality of service to support their career transition.

Personal connection is vital to successful coaching. We aim to match individuals with an experienced outplacement consultant that best suits them. Our experience has found that people get more out of a program if they feel they can trust their consultant and work well with them. This ensures greater value for money for their former employer.

Support tailored to the individual

Outplacement support should be tailored to individuals, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach with a universal flat fee. It’s important to listen to what an employer and the participant needs so they receive an option customised to their requirements and that provides value for money.

Irrespective of the program you choose, we provide the same high quality service that ensures you get the best from your budget, and your people get the career transition training they need.

Recruitment companies and large international outplacement companies can charge more than $20,000 per employee. Other providers charging $500 have limited support that only includes help with writing resumes and cover letters. We match our services to your needs to provide cost-effective career transition support that genuinely helps your employees find a new role, quickly. 

No outplacement fees if declined

When a company is reducing costs, it can seem counter-intuitive to spend money on helping people who are losing their jobs. However outplacement is a cost-effective way for organisations to live their values and ensure their people thrive in uncertain times.

If an individual declines our support, we do not invoice their former employer any costs. There is no fee charged.

Cheap services v effective specialist support

Cheap outplacement programs provided by recruitment agencies are not always the best. They often miss out on the value-for-money offerings of a quality specialist provider such as:

  • Experienced outplacement consultants with significant industry and local job market knowledge.
  • A range of outplacement services.
  • Indepth, personalised care and attention – we don’t use software and templates to replace one-to-one support with a human being.
  • A broad library of resources and materials.
  • An extensive network of recruitment and HR managers.
  • Follow-up with participants.
  • Feedback to clients.

Find out more about outplacement costs

Contact your local office in BrisbaneSydneyMelbournePerthCanberra and Adelaide – or ask about our Auckland New Zealand team – to find out more about outplacement costs and to receive a fee proposal. Alternatively call 1300 911 131 or send us a message.

We can offer highly competitive outplacement fees. The economies of scales we achieve drive real savings for our clients, whatever your requirements. With consultations either face-to-face or via telephone and online, we have a range of affordable options to suit your budget.