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Career coaching programs

Career coach with client

Glide Outplacement’s career coaching programs can help you discover your professional passions, move forward at work and achieve your full employment potential.

Why use career coaching?

  • You no longer feel motivated and inspired by your work.
  • You’re looking for a fresh start.
  • You missed out on a promotion or didn’t get the pay rise you felt you deserved.
  • You need advice for dealing with a difficult manager, an unproductive team or an unpleasant work environment.
  • You want to learn skills to help you in a new management role.


We provide career coaching services throughout Australia either online, over the phone and in person:

How we can help

Whether you want to start working, improve your current job or make a complete change, our career coaching programs support and guide you to find your ideal role.

We will work with you to help you discover your passion, makes changes and achieve your full potential.

Popular career coaching programs

Career Kickstart


Career Focus


Career Discovery

Career discovery program

These programs comply with the Australian Government’s Australian Blueprint for Career Development career management competency guidelines.

Who we work with

Our career coaching programs have been developed for people with little experience in the workforce through to senior level managers and executives.

  • Graduates looking for advice on employment options.
  • People considering a job change.
  • Individuals interested in post-graduate study or professional training.
  • People re-entering the workplace after a break or redundancy.
  • Managers looking to move up to executive level.
  • People considering retirement.

Our team

We have a team of expert career coaches with in-depth knowledge of a wide range of occupations and extensive experience across a variety of industries.

They will provide you with independent advice on your employment options, including training and course options.

Call 1300 911 131 for a free, no obligation discussion or contact us using our online enquiry form.