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4 step career plan

4 step career plan

Career planning is an ongoing process that can help you manage your learning and development. You can use the four step career plan shown below whether you are: At school An an adult adding on skills An adult changing your job or career. Part 1: Self-assessment… Read More »4 step career plan

Follow-up emails to networking contacts

Follow-up email samples to a networking event contact

The networking contacts you meet at professional events could give you access to the ‘hidden job market’ – the 80% of vacancies that are not advertised. But often at such events you get to talk to people for only a few minutes, so how can you build on these brief contacts as part of your job search? If you would like to nurture these contacts into something more, consider sending them a follow-up email after the networking event.Read More »Follow-up email samples to a networking event contact

Successful job searching strategies

Job search strategies

Traditionally jobs have been advertised in newspapers, shop windows and community notice boards. However, many vacancies are now advertised online. There are also many jobs that are filled via word of mouth or networking. The following is a list of some job search strategies you can use to look for a new role.Read More »Job search strategies

Template for job search contact records

Job search contact records

Methodically keeping accurate records is a vital part of maintaining a systematic approach to your job search. You should try to develop the habit of making notes as you talk, paying particular attention to recording details of names, dates, titles and figures. To help you… Read More »Job search contact records