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Successful job interviews guide free resource

Successful job interviews: free ebook

Glide Outplacement has written an easy to read guide to job interviewing. It’s essential material for all job seekers looking for interview advice and tips that work. Find out how to impress employers and get more employment offers.

Chart of job search action plan

Career change and job search action plan

A job search action plan will help you to organise your search for work or an alternative career. Having a plan with clearly defined goals motivates you stick to them, and also makes you more effective in your search for work.

Transition to retirement checklist

Transition to retirement checklist

Like most life events retirement can involve stresses and challenges that you might not have anticipated. A ready for retirement checklist can help you identify what challenges you may face in your transition to a new stage in your life.

Questions to ask when networking

Questions to ask a networking contact

Networking is an essential career tool that can add significant value to your job search and professional life. These are some questions to consider asking when networking with individuals or potential employers.

4 step career plan

4 step career plan example

Career planning is an ongoing process that can assist you with managing your learning and development. This four step career plan can help guide you through the process.

Successful job searching strategies

Job search strategies

Traditionally jobs have been advertised in newspapers, shop windows and community notice boards. However, many are now advertised online, or filled via word of mouth or networking. Use these job search strategies to look for a new role.

Template for job search contact records

Job search contact records

Methodically keeping accurate job search contact records is a vital part of maintaining a systematic approach to finding a new role. Use this template to keep track.

questions to ask an employer in an interview

20 interview questions to ask an employer

Asking the employer your own job interview questions is your opportunity to assess whether this organisation and the position are right for you. Have some questions ready to ask so you can ensure their organisation is a good fit for you.

Action words for resumes

150 action words for resumes and cover letters

Action words give your resume and cover letter power and direction, and ensure your personal marketing tools are noticed by employers and recruiters. Include some of these strong, compelling action words to catch employers’ eyes.

Telephone call scripts for job seekers

Cold calling is when you contact an organisation directly to ask if they have any jobs available. It can be a daunting task, but cold calling potential employers gets easier with practice.

Types of resumes for job applications

Resume formats for every job application

Different resume formats achieve different results. Make sure you know which format to use in your particular situation. The most popular to choose from are chronological, functional or cross-functional.

Feedback on resume

Resume template for job applications

Your resume is your first contact with a potential employer. It needs to provide a clear picture of your experience, skills and abilities and training and education, and convince them you are the right person for the job.

Cover letter example template

Cover letter template example for job applications

Your cover letter is like a professional sales proposal. Use the cover letter template on this page to support your resume and to demonstrate how your skills, knowledge and experience are the best match for a position.