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About Glide Outplacement Brisbane 

Glide Outplacement Brisbane delivers positive career transition outcomes for people throughout Queensland. With our support, they can find their next job more quickly.

Our team in Brisbane offers flexible one-to-one and group outplacement services, providing effective job search support and career advice. 

We aim to make transition following redundancies and organisational change as successful and simple as possible, and will fit our programs around your needs. 

Creating new opportunities

We understand how redundancy can impact people. So we provide outplacement support every step of the way, from notification through to securing a new role. Working with each individual, we guide them on a journey of rebuilding careers and creating new employment opportunities aligned with their goals.

Corporate outplacement solutions

As a leading Qld provider of outplacement services, we are able to offer a full range of cost-effective career transition support options. Our focus is on ensuring your employees receive relevant and personalised outplacement support best tailored to their needs.

From entry to mid-level staff, senior managers to executive level employees, we equip each participant with career development tools and job search knowledge to move on after redundancy and secure a new role.


One-to-one individual outplacement programs offers excellent value and flexible support.


Group outplacement are ideal for larger numbers affected by redundancy.


Resume writing, job search strategies, networking and interview skills or a customised option.


Executive outplacement provides senior managers with specialist career transition coaching and mentoring for up to 12 months.


Help your employees transition to retirement, whether it is the end of their professional careers, a role adaptation or part-time job.


Notification training helps managers understand responsibilities and overcome emotions when making redundancies.

What does our outplacement support include?

Counselling following redundancy to create the right mindset and thinking for job search.
Job hunt strategies covering advertised and unadvertised positions as well recruitment agencies.
Resumes, application forms, cover letters and selection criteria promoting value and uniqueness to potential employers.
Personal digital marketing and using social media to get a job.
Assessments of skills, experience and qualifications to identify careers that best suit interests, values and personality.
Interview tips and coaching to prepare for scenarios such as groups interviews and presentations.
Networking advice and where to find job opportunities.

Our expertise

For more than 20 years, we have worked with organisations both large and small in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

We have supported complex restructuring and redundancy processes undertaken by some of Brisbane’s largest employers, providing timely and cost-effective assistance. Thanks to our Australian and New Zealand network, we have also provided seamless support to national operations.

Wanting outplacement support for just one or two individuals? Our team has significant experience in working on smaller assignments and tailoring value-for-money solutions.

Brisbane outplacement team

Our Brisbane outplacement team comprises consultants with knowledge of the local job market and national recruitment trends. We also have specialist psychologists to support your people.

We put individuals in touch with local HR managers and recruiters looking to hire, and provide access to unadvertised jobs – all critical in placing people in the right role.

All our consultants are trained in the latest job hunting techniques and strategies to support an easier and quicker career transition.

Outplacement program in action

Our clients

Our clients come from a range of sectors: government, financial and professional services, energy and resources, manufacturing, retail, creative, technology, infrastructure and utilities. 

How outplacement services helped Jamie find new job after redundancy
How outplacement services helped me find a job

Success story

Following a company-wide restructuring, James’s job was made redundant. As part of his package, James’s firm arranged an outplacement services program for him with Glide Outplacement.

Queensland locations

Face-to-face, phone and online individual consultations are available. We can also deliver career assessment centres and group outplacement workshops remotely, onsite or at another suitable location.

Located at our Australian head office: 1/150 Adelaide Street, Brisbane Qld 4000 (currently by appointment only), the Brisbane outplacement team supports all major SEQ cities and towns including:

  • Brisbane
  • Toowoomba
  • Ipswich
  • Gold Coast 
  • Sunshine Coast.

We can also deliver outplacement services for regional Queensland, in person or remotely.

Please note: We also provide support in other locations across Australia.

Contact Glide Outplacement Brisbane

Find out about our range of outplacement programs. We can also customise career transition assistance to meet your corporate requirements and budget. Call 1300 911 131 or send us a message: