Outplacement services to support employees

Outplacement services provide career transition support following individual or large-scale redundancies. We will engage your former employees in effective job search activities while treating them with dignity and respect.

Successful re-employment

More than 80% of participants secure a new role within three months.

Our flexible and affordable outplacement services will give you the confidence and reassurance you are doing all you can for those leaving your organisation.

Call 1300 911 131 for a confidential discussion or use our enquiry form to request an overview of our career transition programs.

Support across Australia

We have experienced consultants across Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra. They have extensive knowledge of recruitment trends and the latest job search techniques, and advise on how to best secure a new position with minimum delay.

We guide people at all levels in their career, from junior staff to executives. Coaching can be delivered face-to-face, by telephone or online.


Range of outplacement services

Outplacement consultant supporting employee

Individual 1:1

One-to-one support to help people find their next job following redundancy.

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Outplacement consultant leading group workshop


Programs and workshops for groups of people affected by redundancy.

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Outplacement services for executives and directors


Career transition assistance for senior-level employees to achieve their goals.

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Support options

We offer four levels of career transition programs to individuals or groups. Topics can include:

  • Emotional counselling to cope with redundancy.
  • Job search advice.
  • Professional development.
  • Resume writing, cover letters and applications.
  • Interview coaching.
  • Networking opportunities
  • Transition to retirement planning and ‘encore’ roles.

Experience and knowledge

Our best practice advice and practical tools give people the confidence to find a role that is right for them. Over the past two decades we have developed a library of practical materials, providing information on everything from succeeding at interviews to starting a business.

We put people in touch with HR managers and recruiters looking to hire and provide access to unadvertised jobs – all critical in placing people in the right job.

Notification training

We can provide redundancy notification training to enable managers to better understand responsibilities, maintain objectives and overcome emotions when making redundancies.


Our high value yet affordable outplacement services are tailored to meet your requirements. Please contact us about program costs and how we can provide a specific package to reflect your available budget.


For participants

Outplacement services help people move forward positively, find a new role and cope with the realities of job change.

For employers

Culture – Restructuring may have a negative impact on performance, with remaining staff feeling demoralised, unmotivated and anxious. By offering redundancy help you can enhance employee morale, motivation and productivity, and improve retention.

Reputation – This type of assistance can protect your organisation’s reputation and reduce the risk of legal action. Former employees can feel better about an organisation if they are given guidance in their career transition.

Savings – Outsourcing means you can focus on business operations rather than diverting time, energy and expertise to assist former employees.

What our clients say

We have used Glide for a number of redundancies. We have found them to be professional, discrete and innovative. The feedback that I have received from former colleagues has been excellent. Kate Halcoop


This is not the first time I have been made redundant but this was the first time that I secured a role at my first interview post a redundancy. Stuart Mackay, Training Specialist

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