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Four reasons to use a professional resume writer

    Woman uses a professional resume writer

    In today’s job market, career opportunities can depend on the strength of a resume (CV). When creating one, you can choose to write it yourself or use a professional resume writer. The choice is yours, but if you use a resume writing service you significantly increase your chances of being asked to interview for a job.

    Why use a resume writing service?

    Are you questioning the benefits of using a resume writing service and whether you really need a professional? Maybe you’re on a tight budget. Perhaps you think you can easily write a reasonable resume yourself especially as there’re lots of online resources to help with the process.

    But think of it this way. You can attempt to build a house, or do your tax return, or even design a rocket launcher with the help of the internet – but you may prefer to hire an expert because of their knowledge, skills and experience. And in the same way, you may prefer to use a resume writing service to increase your chances of being selected for interview.

    How a professional resume writer can help you

    Here are some the top reasons to use a resume writing service.

    1. Identify and match employer key selection criteria

    A professional resume writer can identify the key selection criteria an employer is looking for and work with you to address them.

    2. Determine your skills and competencies

    Often you don’t think about what you do at work; you just get on and do it. You may not realise just what an asset you can be to a business.

    A professional resume writer will ask a variety of questions to pinpoint all your relevant experience, skills and knowledge. Then they will develop your resume to provide a solid and relevant match against the employer’s key selection criteria, ensuring you are positioned as the right person for the job.

    3. Grab an employer’s attention

    A professional resume writer can enhance your resume and make it stand out from the crowd (for all the right reasons), giving you the best chance of gaining an interview for that dream job. They can help highlight your achievements, initiatives you’ve introduced or business and awards you have won, resulting in an employer impressed with your past experiences and success.

    4. Format a resume to meet the standards recruiters look for

    Professional resume writers are up to date with the latest writing ‘trends’. They’re experienced in formatting documents that grab attention and enable employers to easily identify you as a match for what they are looking for.

    A resume writing service like Glide Outplacement can help with questions such as:

    • How long should I make my resume?
    • What should and shouldn’t be included?
    • How many duties and responsibilities should I include for my current job?
    • Do I include the same amount of information for all my previous roles?
    • How far back should my work history go?
    • What are potential employers looking for?
    • How can I present myself as the best person for the job?
    • How can I position my limited or lack of experience in a particular industry?

    How to choose a professional resume writer

    There are a lot of companies, with a range of products and varying costs, so it’s worth researching what they offer. Points to consider when considering resume writing services.include:

    • What is the company’s experience and track record?
    • Can it provide testimonials from satisfied clients?
    • Does it provide sample resumes so you review the standard of its work?
    • Does it provide any value-add services for free, such as interview tips?

    Remember – using a professional resume writer means you can focus on looking for jobs you’re experienced in, instead of worrying about how to apply for jobs. Without an exceptional document that helps you stand out from the crowd, you may never get the chance to make it to the interview stage and prove how good you really are.