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22 tips for preparing for a job interview

    To do list for preparing for a job interview

    If you’re preparing for a job interview, browse through our 22 interview tips to increase your chances of winning the position. This information will give you an advantage when applying for jobs and get you ready for the job interview process in today’s competitive markets.


    1. The organisation

    Find out about who your interviewing with. Look at their website, recruitment information, annual report(s), and search for media articles about it.

    2. The industry

    Which industry sector does the organisation operate in? What is currently impacting the sector and what developments are likely to impact in the future?

    3. The job

    Examine the job on offer in details, including the position and/or person specification. Search the web for profiles of employees who hold the same or similar roles and read the relevant occupational profiles.


    4. Directions and parking

    If you can, drive to the interview location in advance and park so you can see how long the journey takes.

    5. Paperwork

    Remember to bring any paperwork, licenses or official documents you’ll need to show.


    6. Logistics

    Make sure you know the interview time, expected length and location.

    7. Interview type

    Ask what type of interview is being conducted and whether there will be any tests or group exercise.

    8. Materials

    Will you need to prepare anything specific, like a presentation.

    9. People

    Find out who will be conducting the interview. Look up their LinkedIn profile to get more of an insight into them.


    10. Questions and answers

    Review the questions you think may be asked and plan your responses.

    11. Role play

    Enlist a friend or family member to do a mock interview.

    12. Be positive

    Visualise going through the full interview experience and performing well.


    13. Match the culture

    Choose an appropriate outfit for the job, company and the industry, including clothes, accessories and make-up.

    14. Prepare

    Decide on your outfit well in advance and ensure it is clean, ironed and ready to wear.

    15. Be well-groomed

    Personal grooming is essential.

    16. Smell nice

    Avoid wearing overpowering fragrance. If you smoke, resist the temptation to have a cigarette before the interview.


    17. Be early

    Arrive about 10 minutes’ early – late arrival for a job interview is never excusable. If you’re running late, phone the company to let them know

    18. Come prepared

    Bring extra resumes to the interview and put them in a professional-looking folder. If you have a portfolio, also bring that to the interview.

    Be positive

    19. Early night

    Get a good night’s sleep. Read our tips if you can’t sleep before an interview.

    20. Be comfortable

    Eat well and drink plenty of water on the day.

    21. Think positively

    Think positive thoughts about getting through the interview successfully.

    22. Be polite

    Greet the receptionist or assistant with courtesy and respect and make a good first impression.

    Further information on preparing for a job interview

    Want more job interview tips and help preparing for a job interview? Ask about our career coaching programs.