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Benefits of outplacement for job searching

    People getting benefits of outplacement

    Why bother with outplacement services? If you’ve got a number of years’ work experience, and have changed jobs during that time, you may wonder what you can learn from a specialist career transition consultant. Maybe you think your time is better served shooting off a raft of resumes… The choice is yours, but research shows the many benefits of outplacement.

    Most importantly, it can help you find the right job quicker than going it alone – if you make sure you’re getting the most from it.

    If you’ve been made redundant, your former employer may have offered you the option of outplacement services delivered by an external provider. These career transition services guide you in managing and developing your employment options during what can be challenging and difficult circumstances.

    Outplacement can include job search workshops, career transition programs, psychological counselling, interview training or resume writing services. If you want to return to the job market, there’s help available to find ideal jobs and sectors, identify key skills and achievements and to learn how to market themselves to potential employers. Some discover there’s life beyond the corporate world after redundancy, and take self-employment as an option.

    What are the benefits of outplacement?

    If you have extensive work experience, you may be wondering what you can get from an outplacement program. You might believe you don’t need expert advice, or you’re used to doing things for yourself. Maybe you’ve read a book or seen something online about career transition and want to apply that advice in real life.

    However the benefits of outplacement and the opportunity of working with a professional career coach can be substantial. Research shows that a person who completes an outplacement program halves the time they spend job searching compared with a person working through a process in an unsupported way.

    How to get the most from outplacement support

    1. Focus on you

    To take real advantage of outplacement support, you should adopt a strategy focused on managing yourself as the brand. Maybe this is something you previously did for the companies you worked for; now you have to do it for yourself. This will involve extensive personal marketing. You’re now working for company ‘You’.

    2. Choose wisely

    If you are given the option to choose your consultant, ask about their industry experience and seniority to ensure the right match. This can be a time of turmoil, and you may be feeling a lot of emotions. It helps to be able to feel comfortable with someone when you are talking about your feelings.

    3. Consult with your outplacement consultant

    Most of us in our jobs typically seek input from others when developing strategies, implementing plans or carrying out tasks. They could be colleagues, management, suppliers or clients. Although you won’t be in contact with your outplacement consultant on a daily basis, regular interaction can provide similar structure and support that you may have got from your workplace. Discuss your concerns with them or bounce your ideas off them to get their opinion.

    4. Take advantage of everything the outplacement program offers

    Career transition is about you so for once you can be self-centred: it’s all about you! This may be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to conduct a thorough review of your career, life values and personal goals.

    Investing in yourself and doing assessment exercises will reap rewards, whether in new job opportunities, a different career direction or simply a greater understanding of what makes you tick.

    5. Explore all your options

    Many of us would like some kind of change in our careers, whether it’s working less hours, or for more pay, in a different industry or a new direction. However when you were employed, you may not have had the time to do anything about it. Now you can dedicate quality time to finding the ideal role or working environment.

    6. Stick to a routine

    Although you may have lost the routine of getting up Monday to Friday and having somewhere to go, work on your outplacement exercises every day. Being active will make you feel better about what has happened to you and help you to come to terms with the situation. Maintain a daily routine as though you’re still employed.

    7. Use them

    Outplacement consultants are also a good source of information about the current job market. It’s their job to know in-depth what the latest recruitment trends are in the marketplace. Use them as a resource. They can advise you on how to best secure your next position with minimum delay. They can also put you in touch with the right agencies, a network of HR managers looking to recruit, and even give access to headhunters and unadvertised jobs.

    The benefits of outplacement services are all critical in placing you with the right job.