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Executive outplacement programs for senior staff

Man talking to coach in executive outplacement session

When it comes to redundancies, those implementing the redundancy process – the executives – can also be affected by job loss. As a senior level manager, you can explain the benefits of using career transition support to one of your employees. But you may wonder how an executive outplacement program can assist you.

Whether you want to use your wealth of experience and expertise to secure new employment or to launch an entrepreneurial venture, executive outplacement services are tailored to specifically help you with your career transition.

A changed senior management employment market

The market has changed dramatically in recent years. The current economic climate has resulted in a number of companies making their executives redundant. Those once in high demand and able to command their own price now have to compromise and adjust.

An executive faces a complex job search process. Depending on your role and job market, it can also be long, difficult and dispiriting. Whereas a typical job search can take up to three months, senior professionals typically spend 12 months or more looking for a new role. There are often limited employment opportunities for executives and a greater number of competing candidates, resulting in an employers’ market.

A tailored executive outplacement program

Generally, as an executive with a long career, you will have applied for many jobs over the years. In addition, you will probably have reviewed countless resumes and recruited many employees. So you may question the benefits of outplacement: what is there for you to learn with regards job searching? Are tips on how to apply for a job a waste of your time?

Our executive outplacement program is tailored to the needs of senior level employees. Expert outplacement consultants, with experience working at similar professional levels, work one-to-one with executives to provide customised support and long-term personal connectivity to ensure the career transition process is sensitively and appropriately managed.

A well-managed executive outplacement program can make your career transition one of positive change, laying the foundation for future achievement. The focus is on your specific needs and desired results. We provide mentoring, strategic networking and research and support services to facilitate your director-level career move, including finding new senior roles or entrepreneurial ventures.

The program offers:

  • Executive career assessment career reviews with 360-degreee feedback interviews.
  • Psychometric testing.
  • Job search strategies for identifying senior level opportunities and contacts.
  • Coaching for selection processes.
  • Salary package negotiations.

Benefits of executive outplacement

  • If your type of work is no longer available, or in short supply, you may need to consider changing industries or even professions. Outplacement tailored to executives can help you to redefine your senior level career aspirations and identify a future career path.
  • There are other work options in addition to full-time employment, for example entrepreneurial ventures, consulting and contracting. Executive level career transition support helps you think innovatively about previously unforeseen possibilities and generate new ideas. It can also assist you in identifying your transferable key skills that can be applied to new business opportunities and alternative industries.
  • An executive outplacement program encourages you to examine yourself and the needs of the market to articulate and maximise your true value. This can also help you to assess options against your market value and ensure alignment with your long term career goals.