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Outplacement works if you make the effort

    Group workshop shows outplacement works

    An outplacement consultant’s role is to help you find a new job more quickly than if you searched for a job by yourself. They’re not recruitment consultants – they won’t put you forward for interviews or jobs. This is your job search, and although the consultant will help you, what happens next is up to you. Outplacement works. And the harder you work at it, the sooner you will get positive results.

    If you’ve been made redundant, you may not want anything to do with your former employer or the outplacement services they’ve offered you. This attitude could see you missing out on valuable support and help! An outplacement consultant can provide emotional support, motivate you in your job search, connect you with potential job leads and share their expertise.

    However, the person who will have the biggest impact on your job search is you and your attitude can affect the outcomes of your outplacement program. It’s important to welcome the career transition experience and immerse yourself in the process to ensure outplacement success.

    Get your money’s worth

    Make the most of every dollar your former employer has spent on outplacement services. Pretend you’re spending your own money and use as much of the program as you can.

    Outplacement can be about more than just a job search. It is also the chance to develop your career in a direction that’s right for you at this point in your life. Take advantage of the opportunity. This is your chance to investigate starting your own business, becoming a consultant, or trying a new career direction and achieving lifelong ambitions. Even when you secure a new job, if it is not working out to your satisfaction your consultant may be able to help you to resolve those problems.

    Connect with your consultant

    The better the consultant knows you, the more they can help you – whether that’s deciding what to do with your career, developing a resume, exploring job search strategies or practising interview skills.

    Outplacement sessions are confidential, so share with your consultant your fears or concerns regarding your job search. Trust the consultant, and make your feelings and ideas known (they’re not mind readers!).

    It’s helpful to keep the consultant informed of your progress and any important developments. If you have something to tell your consultant, call or email them rather than waiting for them to call you.

    Outplacement works if you study hard

    The information and exercises your consultant gives you will help you to learn how to set goals, tackle networking and respond to interview questions. Finding a job or new career can happen more quickly if you take the time to study the materials you’re provided with and complete the assignments.

    Outplacement will not only help with your next career move; you’ll discover skills and techniques that will benefit you for the rest of your working life. Sometimes you may not understand why you are doing a particular task, but often it’s not until after an exercise is completed that we can appreciate its benefits.

    Be patient

    Avoid trying to skip things or rush the process in your hurry to secure a new job. The process has a beginning, middle and an end, so don’t expect overnight success. However, trust that outplacement works and the career transition process will end successfully for you.

    Outplacement works – here are the results

    There is a very strong correlation between using outplacement services and the time it takes someone to find a good job. You will get a job – over 85% of participants on our outplacement programs find a new role within three months. Contact us to hear more success stories.