Executive outplacement for extended transitions

Value of executive outplacement programs

In response to the current economic climate, many organisations are making executive team members redundant. Executives can face a highly competitive marketplace full of of competing candidates, limited opportunities and an employer’s market, and a job search lasting 12 months or longer. Offering senior managers outplacement support tailored to their needs can ensure their career transition is successful. 

The challenges of executive career change

Transitioning executives is fraught with fiscal, moral and social challenges.

Glide Outplacement’s executive outplacement programs provide long-term personal support and connectivity that adds meaning and value for participants.

Programs can take executives through the following:

1. Change

Executives need to respond to the reality that their work is no longer available or in short supply. They may have to change industries or even professions. This requires reflection to redefine careers and to identify what success looks like.

2. Exploration

In addition to full-time employment, work options available to transitioning executives include entrepreneurial ventures, consulting and contracting.

Executive outplacement helps participants think in a more innovative manner about previously unforeseen possibilities. It can assist them to generate new ideas. A specialist coach can help them to identify transferable key skills applicable to new business opportunities and alternative industries.

3. Adjustment

The market has changed. Executives once in high demand and able to command their own price now have to compromise and adjust.

Participants are encouraged to examine themselves and the needs of the market to articulate and maximise their true value. Outplacement support provides encouragement during the critical decision-making times. It also helps participants assess options against their market value and ensure alignment with long term goals.