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How to select the right outplacement provider

How to choose an outplacement provider

Supporting transitioning staff with outplacement services is a worthwhile strategy. It can help to retain remaining staff, protect an organisation’s corporate reputation and provide a valuable service to former employees. If you can select the right outplacement provider today, you will maximise the return on investment for both your organisation and former employees receiving the service.

When you are considering investing in outplacement services, here are five suggestions to help you select an outplacement provider that is right for your organisation and its specific culture.

Outplacement provider recommendations

Ask contacts for their recommendations for a company to use. Organisations like professional bodies or other trusted authorities may also have recommendations.

Select the right services

Discuss with the company the services you would like provided. Some companies only provide resume writing services. Others, like Glide Outplacement, offer a range of career transition services, from advice to coping with redundancy to practical job search support.

Initial meeting

Have an initial meeting with the company – this should be free. Ask what career transition programs and job search resources are available. This will give you an insight into the company as well as key information about their services and customer profile.

Due diligence

Enquire about the professional credentials of the company’s outplacement consultants. Ideally they should have advanced degrees, significant years of consulting and/or previous senior-level experience within an organisation. They should also have expert and up to date knowledge of recruitment and job-searching.

Choose support model

Decide whether your organisation will benefit from a service delivery model based on group workshops, in-depth one-to-one individual outplacement, or a mixture of both. Glide Outplacement offers both models, at times and locations to suit the participants. We also offer remote and online career transition support.