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Is it worth applying for jobs during holidays?

    applying for jobs during holidays

    If you’re thinking about looking for a new job, or have been searching for a while, you may be tempted to hold off or slowdown over a holiday break. However companies are still hiring, and it’s still worthwhile applying for jobs during holidays.

    So take advantage of time off to update your resume, send in an application or network your way into a new role.

    Missed out on pre-holiday recruitment?

    It’s a myth that employers stop hiring over the holiday seasons. Admittedly the number of new opportunities being advertised does decrease and the pace of the recruitment process can slow down.

    Of course companies are typically keen to interview candidates before people become unavailable. They need to make decisions about hiring new recruits while key decision-makers are still in the office. Often they will fast track the process prior to holidays.

    But if you feel that you’ve missed out on the pre-holiday hiring activity, don’t despair. The needs that drive resourcing decisions, for example growing markets or strategic initiatives, don’t take a break. When a job is vacant it needs to be filled, whatever the time of the year.

    Applying for jobs during holidays means less competition

    It may seem easier to not bother applying for a new job during a break, and save your efforts for another time. But putting off your job search might result in a missed opportunity. There will be fewer job seekers and fewer resumes being sent: if you meet the requirements of a job, this is your chance to stand out against reduced competition.

    Take advantage of your rival job seekers’ impression that no one hires during the holidays. This quieter period is a good time to connect with key players at companies for which you’re interested in working. Send an email or use a professional networking site like LinkedIn to get in touch.

    It’s a good time to network

    As well as applying for jobs, the holiday season is also a good excuse to reconnect with acquaintances and former colleagues. So reinforce your professional network. Remember to maintain these relationships after the break and let them know you’re interested in finding a new job.

    And don’t forget when attending holiday social events like a family BBQ to mention that you are job searching. You never know where your next opportunity might come from. Friends and families may be able to help with information about who’s hiring where they work or to connect you with one of their contacts.