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Job search strategies

Successful job searching strategies

Traditionally jobs have been advertised in newspapers, shop windows and community notice boards. However, many vacancies are now advertised online. There are also many jobs that are filled via word of mouth or networking. The following is a list of some job search strategies you can use to look for a new role.

Job Services Australia Offices (JSA)

Australian Government employment service providers are a national network of organisations helping job seekers to find work. Their services are free to eligible job seekers.

Private employment agencies

Employment agencies act on behalf of their client: the employer. Their goal is to find a person with the skills, qualifications and experience to match the jobs that are available. They use a number of methods to advertise jobs, including ads on their own websites or other job search websites, like Seek. Often, agencies specialise in one particular industry (for example, information technology, or building and construction).


Many employers advertise their vacancies in newspapers. Larger newspapers typically have a ‘Careers’ or ‘Jobs’ lift out once or twice a week. Smaller newspapers may have a few pages dedicated to jobs or a classified section. Newspapers are available at your local library.

  • Local – Community newspapers
  • State – The Courier Mail (Qld)
  • National – The Australian, Financial Review


On the internet you can search for jobs advertised by both employers and employment agencies. Useful job search websites include:

  • Seek www.seek.com.au
  • Career One www.careerone.com.au
  • My Career www.mycareer.com.au
  • Part Time Online www.parttimeonline.com.au
  • Australian Job Search www.jobsearch.gov.au

Some companies also have their own online job boards, so if you want to work for a specific company visit their web site.

Other avenues

  • Voluntary work
  • Community noticeboards
  • Shop windows

The hidden job market

The ‘hidden’ job market contains job vacancies that haven’t been advertised. Up to 80% of job vacancies don’t get advertised in the media or through job search website.

Word of mouth / networking

When you’re looking for work, expand your network and use your contacts to find out about job vacancies and let people know you are seeking work. Contacts can include:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Acquaintances
  • Former employers and colleagues
  • Community groups
  • Sports clubs
  • Religious organisations
  • Unions
  • Professional associations

Cold calling

Cold calling (or canvassing) is where you introduce yourself to a potential employer, using one of the following methods:

  • Emails
  • Telephone canvassing
  • Door knocking in person
  • Mail and fax

Help with job search strategies

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