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Redundancy and outplacement myths busted

    Outplacement myths and facts on puzzle pieces

    Losing your job is one of the top five most stressful events that can occur in your life. Of course everyone reacts differently. And whatever the experience, it is personal to you. These are just three facts about career transition and redundancy that are hard to dispute. When it comes to outplacement myths, however, there are a few that are much easier to challenge.

    Myth #1: Outplacement services only help you find a new job

    This is one of the most common outplacement myths we hear. Outplacement services are not simply about helping you find a new job or start a business. Quality career transition and redundancy help not only lays the foundation for a successful move from one role to the next, it empowers you to cope with job loss and make an informed decision on what to do next.

    For some people, redundancy is a difficult experience. For others, it is an opportunity for change. Outplacement, when guided by an experienced and knowledgeable counsellor, allows you to explore a range of career options: full-time work, self-employment, setting up a new business, retirement, education, training or a career break.

    Once you know where you want to go in your career, outplacement can help with the actual job search itself. Services include creating job search strategies and developing tools to secure employment offers.

    Myth #2: Career transition and redundancy help is for junior employees

    If you’re a professional with a long and successful career, you may view outplacement services with a degree of scepticism. Maybe you’re questioning what an outplacement consultant can tell you what you don’t already know. If you’ve had no trouble finding a job in the past, or have a strong network, you may think you don’t need redundancy advice.

    However, retrenchment brings complex issues you may not have faced before: feelings of insecurity and anxiety, concerns about a loss of status and financial worries. It can take time to find a new role or to transition to a different career. This can knock your confidence levels and lead to long periods of uncertainty.

    No matter what your career level, career transition and redundancy help can assist you to manage your emotions around job loss. It can also provide the strategies and tools to successfully move forward in your career. Ongoing support over a period of time will provide motivation, equipping you with the confidence to transition to your next role.

    Myth #3: I’ve used career transition services before, so I don’t need help this time

    If you are unfortunate enough to experience job loss before, and received outplacement services on that occasion, you may think you don’t need further support if you experience another redundancy.

    Even if you’ve experienced job loss previously, the emotional impact of redundancy can affect how you cope with another differently. Fear, uncertainty and anxiety can be part of the experience no matter how many times you’ve successfully transitioned to a new role.

    In addition, the job market and your personal goals will no doubt have shifted since you were last changing jobs. Therefore, outplacement services can still provide value in these circumstances.

    Myth #4: Only big organisations offer outplacement services

    It is often thought that only large firms offer outplacement because it is expensive. However outplacement represents a small fraction of the overall cost of a redundancy package. Programs cost from as little as a few hundred dollars. But they can have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line regardless of the organisation’s size.

    If your company is reluctant to offer redundancy help, tell them about the well-documented benefits associated with offering career transition support for both large and small organisations. This includes improved morale and retention of remaining staff, reduced risk of legal action and enhanced corporate and employer brand and reputation.

    Myth #5: Outplacement companies are the same as a recruitment companies

    Recruitment and outplacement companies are different. Assisting people through the career transition journey requires a different set of organisational capabilities than those attributable to recruitment agencies.

    Outplacement helps people adjust to their changed employment situation; facilitate career decisions and support them in achieving their preferred career direction. An outplacement consultant’s concern first and foremost is about the individual and their successful career transition. A recruitment consultant focuses on solving their client’s ‘problem’: getting the right person for a job vacancy.

    Hopefully we’ve cleared up some of the most common outplacement myths. If you would like further information, please get in touch on 1300 911 131.