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outplacement is an opportunity for career development
Outplacement services are offered by employers after you’re made redundant, when your priority is finding a new job. But outplacement can do more than help you move smoothly into a new job – it can also be an opportunity for professional assessment […]

Beyond job search: outplacement services for career development

Advice for how to plan for potential job loss
Most employees are not immune from being sacked or made redundant. Imagine if you unexpectedly lost your job today: no redundancy pay, no notice, no gold watch and no leaving do. One minute you are working on that really urgent […]

If you lost your job today, would you be prepared?

yes or no to a job offer
It’s nice to be wanted, but is this new job opportunity really right for you?  How do you decide whether to take an offer or not? Luckily Glide Outplacement has some hints and tips to help you make your mind […]

Decision time – is this the right job for you?

Handshake tips for job interviews
In a job interview, it is standard practice to shake hands with your interviewer when you first meet and at the end of the process. We use it to show respect. But can a ‘poor’ handshake damage your professional image […]

The best handshake to impress in a job interview

10 questions to ask if made redundant
Whether the news about your redundancy is unexpected or not, finding out you no longer have a job can be unpleasant. Receiving difficult news makes it hard to process important information relating to your redundancy and to ask questions about its […]

10 questions to ask if you’re made redundant

Move from public service job to private sector
If you’re keen to make a career move from a government job to the private sector, what do you need to take into account when contemplating such a change? It helps to weigh up the pros and cons of making […]

Moving from the public service to the private sector

Telling people about your redudancy
Many people feel sad, embarrassed or angry about being made redundant. As a result, they do not feel comfortable sharing the news with others – and, more importantly, that they are looking for a new position. What are the best […]

Telling people about your redundancy

LinkedIn profile picture
Your LinkedIn profile picture is your opportunity to let people know that you are happy, confident and approachable. If you post a profile photo that portrays you as negative, threatening or grumpy it is unlikely that people will want to […]

Why you need a LinkedIn profile picture

Are you hiding your ADF Defence skills

camouflage skills bgFormer Defence members are great assets to any organisation. Thanks to their military background, they bring plenty of experience, knowledge, skills and qualifications.

So why don't civilian employers know what they are missing out on? Maybe it is because your resume, cover letter and social media profiles aren't telling people what you can do.

Are your ADF Defence skills camouflaged?

Are you maximising the benefits of outplacement services for your job search?

Why bother with outplacement services? If you've got a number of years' work experience, and have changed jobs during that time, you may wonder what you can learn from a specialist outplacement consultant. Maybe you think your time is better served shooting off a raft of resumes... The choice is yours, but research shows that outplacement can help you find the right job quicker than going it alone - if you make sure you're getting the most from it.

Maximise the benefits of outplacement to boost job searching

Do crazy job titles on your resume make it harder to find a new job?

Weird job titles are, usually, quite amusing but relatively harmless. But what if you happen to be a 'marketing guru', 'beverage consultant' or 'software wizard' on the search for a new job? Will potential employers look beyond your wacky title to appreciate the skills you can bring to their organisation and recognise your former achievements, or will your resume be promptly thrown on the rejects pile?

Crazy job titles can make a job search go bad