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Why outplacement can be a success for job search

An outplacement consultant's role is to help you find a new job more quickly than if you searched for a job by yourself. They're not recruitment consultants; they won't put you forward for interviews or jobs. This is your job search, and although the consultant will help you, what happens next is up to you. And the harder you work at it, the sooner you will get positive results.

Why outplacement can be a success if you make the ...

find the right career or ideal job

Don't like your current career? You're not alone: few of us pick the right job on our first try. But if you are thinking about changing jobs, you probably want to find the right career this time. If you aren't sure where to start, do some job research before you make any decisions. Whether it's your first or 10th career, here is some advice on finding the ideal job.

A guide to finding the right career or ideal job

Do you still need a resume for job search

In today's job market, we often hear about people securing work in unconventional ways. Whether it's using Instagram to showcase creativity, or networking with decision makers via LinkedIn, there are now many alternatives to the traditional paper resume format. Many question whether the 'resume is dead'. And it's true; there are new ways to search for a job. But let's not write off the well-crafted resume just yet.

Do you still need a resume to find a job?

body language in job interviews tips

Job interviews are your chance to tell a potential employer you can do the job you've applied for. But before you even speak a single word, the interviewer will have formed their first impression of you thanks to your body language. No matter how good your answers, if your non-verbal communication lets you down it's unlikely you'll get the job. Recognising and controlling your body language can help increase your chances of getting a job.

Beware of your body language in job interviews

Elevator speech for job search

One of the most useful self-marketing tools in your job search toolkit is the 'elevator speech'. This is a clear and concise description of who you are, what you do and why you are the perfect candidate, given in the time it takes to ride a lift. But how do you summarise your career and achievements in a brief yet engaging 30-second pitch?

The elevator speech: a 30-second job search ad starring you

applying for jobs during holidays

If you're thinking about looking for a new job, or have been searching for a while, you may be tempted to hold off or slowdown over the holiday break. However companies are still hiring, so take advantage of time off work to update your resume, send in an application or network your way into a new role.

Is it worth applying for jobs during holidays?

Is self-employment right for you

If you've recently lost your job, or you're unhappy in your current role, becoming self-employed can seem an attractive prospect. Running your own business, and being your own boss, means no longer having to work for someone else. It can also have significant financial and work/life balance advantages, and bring great personal satisfaction. But it's important to be realistic about what self-employment entails, and to be aware of potential disadvantages such as not having a regular income and long hours.

Should you run your own business?

How volunteering can help you find a job

Volunteering is a great way to give something back to the community, but it can also be beneficial if you are job searching. It's National Volunteer Week, so why not consider donating some of your time and reap some positive effects for your career too?

Why volunteering makes you more attractive to employers

how to access the hidden job market

Up to 80% of all available jobs are never advertised. Companies prefer not to advertise for new employees because it saves money and time. So if you're relying on jobs to be advertised you could miss out on your ideal role. Rather than waiting for roles to come to you via recruitment agencies or job search engines, why not use a proactive job search strategy to access the 'hidden job market'?

How to access the hidden job market

Online job boards to find job

Circling employment adverts in newspapers has gone the way of VCRs and fixed telephones. Today most job seekers use online job boards to discover and apply for advertised roles. There's an almost overwhelming choice, from large national search engines covering every industry and location, to niche sites run by industry publications, professional associations or local authorities. To accompany our new resource – a round-up of Australia's best job boards – we're taking a look at how to find the right site for your circumstances.

How to use online job boards to find your next ...

Is LinkedIn worthwhile for your job search?
LinkedIn is one of the newest ways to find a job, but do you question what the point of it is? Does anyone find a job through it or is it just a waste of time? Well, if you don’t use LinkedIn […]

Is LinkedIn worthwhile or a waste of time?

10 easy ways to change your job

Does your job leave you unfulfilled or dissatisfied? Maybe you're unhappy about your pay, the workplace is too demanding (or not challenging enough), or you're looking for a promotion. If yours no longer feels like the right one for you, it could be time to change.

But that change doesn't have to be as major as switching careers. Making changes to your job can be enough to turn things round and may be easier than moving to a whole new career.

10 easy ways to change your job

5 ways to stand out in a job interview

Most job interviews are repetitive and formulaic. After a day meeting an endless stream of candidates, interviewers can be hard pushed to remember who they met and what they said. So how can you stick out, for all the right reasons?

Be memorable and stand out in a job interview

Networking to develop career and find job prospects

Social media tools such as LinkedIn and Facebook are great starting points when it comes to networking. However, real world networking tools can be more effective and provide greater value in connecting – and staying connected – with people who are important to your career.

Do you struggle with networking? You're not alone. Many of us are not natural networkers, and feel uncomfortable making connections especially when we're not online. But there are ways of approaching networking that can make the task easier, even if you're a diehard introvert.

Easy job search and career networking in real life

Why use a professional resume writer

In today's job market, career opportunities can depend on the strength of a resume. When creating a resume, you can choose to write it yourself or use a specialist resume writer.

However, are you questioning the benefits of using a resume writing service and whether you really need a professional? The choice is yours, but hiring a professional resume writer can significantly increase your chances of being asked to interview for a job.

Four reasons to use a professional resume writer

Coping with redundancy at 50+

Being made redundant at any age is a difficult thing to deal with, but it can be especially challenging to confront sudden unemployment in your 50s. Losing your job in the middle or late stages of your career can be extremely difficult to cope with. Often people's identity is based on their professional experience, or their sense of value is tied to job-related achievements and the power and status of their prior position.But remember age has its advantages.

Successfully coping with redundancy at 50+

enhance your career skills

If you are thinking about a new job, you may want to consider ways to develop your practical, intellectual or social skills. Any activity which develops these will be of interest to an employer and it can be a way of providing evidence of motivation relevant to the kind of work that you want to do.

How to develop your career skills

Personal brand for job search

A personal brand is how people perceive you – your public reputation – and a professional online brand can help open up new job opportunities. Although building an online brand takes time and requires some effort on your part, here are some tips to get you started.

How to create a personal brand for your job search

Plan for a successful retirement

It is important to consider the kind of lifestyle you want before you retire and start to make plans, and even implement some of them, before you leave work. A person who carefully plans for their retirement is more likely to feel positive about it, while a person forced into early retirement due to redundancy or illness may find it harder to cope with the transition. Research has also shown that people who plan for the future tend to be healthier, more active, and enjoy being retired more than those who don't plan.

Why you need to plan for a successful retirement

Why take outplacement support

Have you been made redundant and been offered outplacement services? Right now, you may be experiencing a bucket load of emotions. These could include denial, anger, depression, fear and loneliness.

If you've never been made redundant before, the redundancy process may be new and confronting. Or you may have lived through this before - been there, done it etc. Maybe you think the last thing you need right now is outside intervention. But if your employer offers outplacement services as part of a severance package, say yes – and make sure you use it.

Why you should accept outplacement support