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People getting benefits of outplacement

Benefits of outplacement for job searching

    Why bother with outplacement services? If you’ve got a number of years’ work experience, and have changed jobs during that time, you may think your time is better served shooting off resumes… The choice is yours, but research shows the many benefits of outplacement.

    Crazy job titles damage chances of new job

      Does being a ‘marketing guru’, ‘beverage consultant’ or ‘software wizard’ when searching for a new job damage your chances? Will employers look beyond your wacky or funny title to appreciate the skills you can bring to their organisation, or will your resume be thrown on the rejects pile?

      Coping with job loss

      Coping with job loss

        Whether it is voluntary or forced, being shown the door can truly be traumatic. If you’re struggling to cope with the news it’s understandable. The impact and change associated with job loss has been described as similar to bereavement, and like bereavement there is a cycle of grief you may have to endure before feeling positive again.

        Be like a dragon and fire up your job search after redundancy

        Fire up your job search after redundancy

          There’s really no right or wrong time to start job searching. However, if you’ve been made redundant the option to choose the ideal time to begin has been taken away from you. There is a bright side to this: your new circumstances will mean you have enough time on your hands (and hopefully assistance from an outplacement consultant) to commit to a well-managed, thorough and successful job search.

          Use key words in resume

          Why you need to include keywords in your resume

            No, that’s not the title of a dodgy sci-fi porn flick. Rather it’s an acknowledgement that computers are commonly used these days to read resumes. And if you want to win an interview for that dream (or even ‘will do for now’) job, you have to make the computer love you more than your competition. How? It’s simple – by crafting a well-written resume that contains the keywords that the computer will be on the look-out for.

            HR telling employee their role is redundant

            How to tell someone their role is redundant

              When companies are restructuring, the focus naturally is on those losing their jobs. Yet those tasked with delivering the bad news can suffer too, and often in isolation. Redundancies are about more than change management and correct procedures; there are a lot of feelings involved too, on both sides of the desk.

              Easy job search tips

              8 effective and easy job search tips

                Looking for a new job can be a time-consuming task. Often it is a tedious process, so who wants to spend longer on it than necessary? The good news is there are lots of small things you can do that typically pay big dividends when it comes to job searching, both online and in real life. And all of them will take just minutes of your valuable time.

                How outplacement services helped Jamie find new job after redundancy

                How outplacement services helped me find a new job

                  This week, a number of redundant employees missed out on receiving thousands of dollars’ worth of career help. Their former employer offered them the services of Glide Outplacement as part of their redundancy package, but they decided to go it alone. We spoke to James about how outplacement services helped him find a new job.

                  Parent returning to work kisses baby

                  Job search tips for parents returning to work

                    Returning to work after taking a career break to be a parent can be both exciting and overwhelming. Although it won’t be easy to return to paid employment, you’ve developed many skills in your absence that you didn’t have last time you were working!

                    Outplacement myths and facts on puzzle pieces

                    Redundancy and outplacement myths busted

                      Losing your job is one of life’s most stressful events. Everyone reacts differently. Whatever the experience, it is personal to you. These three facts about career transition are hard to dispute. When it comes to outplacement services, there are myths much easier to challenge.

                      Angry man giving a bad reference

                      Don’t miss out on a great job with a bad reference

                        If you’re job searching, hopefully there will come a time when a potential employer or recruiter will ask for references. And this is when all your good work so far may come undone. You may have a great resume and outstanding interview skills, but if your references are second-rate you risk missing out on your dream job offer.

                        Man talking to coach in executive outplacement session

                        Executive outplacement programs for senior staff

                          When it comes to redundancies, those implementing the redundancy process – the executive team members – can also be affected by job loss. As a senior level manager, how can outplacement services assist you?

                          Man uses LinkedIn for job search on phone

                          Using LinkedIn for job search to find your next role

                            Looking for a new role but not sure how to use LinkedIn for job search?  We share some quick and easy ways to get the maximum returns from the world’s most popular professional networking site when you’re job hunting.

                            Negotiating a higher salary in job search

                            Negotiating a higher salary for new job

                              The idea of negotiating a higher salary makes many job seekers feel uncomfortable; they don’t want to seem rude or greedy asking for a higher salary that what’s offered. But if you don’t ask for a higher salary, the answer will always be no. Salary negotiations are a standard part of the hiring process (even in a tough job market). Here’s some advice on how to negotiate.

                              Superman showing how to impress in a new job

                              How to impress in a new job

                                In the current business climate, finding a new position can be a long, frustrating and time consuming experience. Once you’ve secured a new role, the requirement to get up to full productivity as quickly as possible has never been more important. Here are six tips to help you settle in to your new role and get up to full productivity as fast as possible:

                                Man realises he said worst things to say in a job interview

                                10 worst things to say in a job interview

                                  There are some things that you should definitely avoid saying during a job interview. The wrong response to a question can reveal flaws in your attitude, insufficient preparation or a lack of interest in the job. This can make an employer think twice about hiring you. Here are 10 examples of the worst things to say, along with tips on what you can say instead to impress the interviewer.

                                  Exit signs you may be made redundant

                                  Warning! Signs you may be made redundant (part two)

                                    In tough economic times, many of us worry about how safe our job is. How do you know if there’s a chance you might lose your job? There are many signs your position may be in danger of being made redundant. This week we look at more clues to look out for if you’re worried about redundancies in your workplace, and what to do if you think the writing is on the wall.

                                    Woman beats job interview nerves

                                    Overcome job interview nerves

                                      Job interviews can make even the most confident of us nervous. Despite advice to ‘just be yourself’, it is natural to feel anxious: you are keen to do well, perform better than other candidates and win the role. However some simple techniques, combined with positive thinking, can help reduce your stress levels and ensure you shine during the interview.

                                      Set career goals for job success

                                      Set career goals to achieve job success

                                        Having a career goal such as finding a new role or achieving a promotion is a great way to make it happen. But 25% of all goals are broken within the first two weeks. It can take up to six attempts at goal setting to make it happen. No wonder people give up so quickly!

                                        Man tells joke in a job interview

                                        Can you joke in a job interview?

                                          Job interviews can often be tense, nervous and sometimes downright frightening affairs. You may be tempted to lighten the atmosphere by telling some well-meaning jokes. Not everyone will share your sense of humour, so is it worth risking your chances?

                                          How to find a civilian job after an ADF Defence career

                                            For ADF personnel leaving their familiar military environment, the stress of finding a new career is compounded by the need to adjust to a new lifestyle and civilian work. It’s a difficult task; specialist defence transition services can help with the process.

                                            follow up networking contacts

                                            How to follow up networking contacts

                                              So you’ve attended a networking event and collected a large pile of business cards. Taking a proactive and strategic approach to reconnecting with people will get the most value out of your new relationships.

                                              How to keep track of job applications

                                              Best way to keep track of job applications

                                                Looking for a job can take longer than you expect and you may apply for more jobs than you planned. Keeping detailed records of your efforts avoids duplicating applications and forgetting what you’ve applied for.