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Minimise the risks when making redundancies

Ways to limit risk when making redundancies

Your organisation may have little choice at the moment but to reduce its workforce. Making redundancies brings a number of risks that should be identified and managed to minimise the potential for long-term damage.

3 stages of successful redundancy process

Three stages of a successful redundancy process

The process of deciding to make redundancies, complying with relevant legislation, managing the employee transition, maintaining workplace morale and retaining corporate reputation can be a difficult challenge.

Managing a redundancy process

Five things to avoid when making redundancies

When managing a redundancy process, take time to plan and implement the changes. Avoiding the mistakes made by high profile companies will limit damage to your organisation, exiting employees and remaining workforce.

Executive outplacement programs

Executive outplacement programs for senior career transitions

Executives can face a highly competitive marketplace, limited opportunities and a job search lasting 12 months or longer. Executive outplacement programs are tailored to their needs, and offering them this type of support can ensure their career transition is successful.

Time reductions rather than redundancies

Will time reductions avoid redundancies?

To avoid having to make people redundant, you may be considering time reductions to deal with the downturn. But across the board cuts in employees’ hours may not be the best solution for your organisation.

Employees who help companies rebuild after redundancies

Employees who rebuild after redundancies

In a restructure, decision-making should be guided by considerations such as impact, legal liability and fairness. Then you need to be strategic to retain the talent required for ongoing success.

Making strategic redundancies

Making strategic redundancies

Rather than a random cull, ensure your organisation’s redundancy process is strategic and above board. Employees should know they haven’t just drawn the short straw. Here are some tips to guide you in making strategic redundancies.

How to help staff after redundancies

How to help remaining staff following redundancies

Staff who remain after redundancies are often impacted, even when their job is deemed safe. These emotions can have long-term implications on staff morale, motivation, productivity and stress levels.